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Note: This page will be updated soon to reflect the new division of responsibilities between the property corporation, governed by the trustees, and the chapter corporation, governed by the advisers.

We are an association of alumni, initiates and friends of the Beta-Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Welcome to our website!

The Board of Trustees and the TKE Beta-Pi Alumni Association

TKE Beta-Pi Trustees (most of them) - Summer 2009

TKE Beta-Pi Trustees (most of them) - Summer 2009

The Board of Trustees is incorporated as TKE of Georgia, Inc, a Georgia non-profit 501(c)(7) corporation.  This is the “Property Corporation” of the organization. However, the Trustees do more than keep a Chapter House.

The BOT is the entity ultimately responsible for the Chapter, both the undergraduate organization and the Greater Beta-Pi that includes alumni and other initiates and friends.  To that end, the BOT makes long term big picture decisions regarding all aspects of Chapter strategy and operations, including the strategic direction of the undergraduate organization.

The Board directly oversees facilities issues and alumni affairs and maintains separate bank accounts for each of those areas.  The TKE Beta-Pi Alumni Association is a chartered alumni association of the Fraternity, able to vote at the bi-annual Conclave.

The Board normally meets face-to-face at the Chapter House at least twice each term and at least once during the summer.  Much business is transacted electronically between meetings.

Current members include:

  • David Adcock (ex officio chapter advisor)
  • Chad Colman (facilities)
  • Gary Minor (facilities)
  • Karl Paul (facilities campaign co-chair)
  • John Reagan (facilities campaign co-chair)
  • Richard Sapp (alumni association co-chair)
  • Wes Schiel (alumni association co-chair)
  • Scott Schmidt (facilities)
  • Scott Smelter (recorder)
  • Michael Smith (chairman)
  • Darrell Sumner (treasurer)
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The Beta-Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity has operated for over 60 consecutive years at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Enjoy news of what the alumni are up to and what's in store for the collegiate members. Let us know what you're doing. Learn about our organization and find out how you can help in our good work.
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