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As our Chapter approaches its 60th year of existance in 2008, we look forward to a transformation that will set a higher standard, not only for Greek organizations, but for student organizations of all kinds. We are preparing to rise to a level of sustainable excellence that will set us above anything that has ever existed at Georgia Tech or in TKE.

We have been aware of this opportunity since the late 1990s, when our rapid rebound from the confusion and disruption of construction and Olympic renovation suggested that the Chapter was capable of being more than just a group of friends living in a big house.

We Have a Plan

By the end of 2008, we will have repaid the loan we took out in 1993 to build our social quarters and, for the first time since the early 1970s, our Board of Trustees will be out of debt.

This sets the stage for our taking the whole fraternity experience up three or four notches since our Board will be free to use its income for facilities improvements and, more important, to fund programs that will help each member reach a higher level of personal effectiveness and achievement. By itself, this would represent a major improvement in our situation. But that is only the beginning...

We have never offered our over 1,100 living alumni the opportunity to help create something of lasting and significant Good through the Chapter. In 2008, we intend to change that. We are going to invite them to help create an endowment for Scholarship and Leadership Development for the Chapter.

Our Endowment will begin by funding trips to educational conferences and brotherhood, confidence-, and team-building activities for the Chapter. Later, it will provide scholarships. Finally, when fully funded, the Endowment will pay for each member to embark on a significant journey during his senior year, a journey he will look back upon later as something that had a great effect on his life.

Currently, groups of Tekes take a semester abroad during their senior year. We want to provide that opportunity for all members on good standing. But instead the journey might be Outward Bound or NOLS, or Semester at Sea, for example. As long as the program is reputable and fits the purposes of the Endowment, we intend to consider it.

We want all our members to have the opportunity to make a life-changing journey as part of TKE.

Obviously, these things don't happen overnight. They don't even happen over a year. To be ready to begin our transformation in 2008, we really have to begin the tranformation now.

What We're Doing Now

  • Creating an endowment through the Teke Educational Foundation (TEF) to which alumni can make tax deductible contributions. This has been in existance for several years but we have not publicized it.
  • Maintaining consistent contact with our base of over 1,100 alumni living alumni. We have had an on-line member database for over 6 years and it's in good shape. But it needs to be in better shape. Our goal is to have 900 good addresses by the end of 2005.
  • Creating plans for substantial renovation of our living and social space. We want to go over the top in terms of modern design and energy efficiency so that visitors walk into our House and say, "I can't believe this is a fraternity house."
  • Professionalizing our accounts receivable. We don't fool around when it comes to money, which is how we keep our dues reasonable. We have been a financially stable chapter since 1990 and it has never been easier to find out exactly what your bill is and to pay it since we outsourced our receivables to Omega Financial in January 2004.
  • Creating a scholastic atmosphere in the House that encourages people to be around for that senior year and to graduate.
  • Creating detailed plans for personal development activities to be funded through the Endowment. The basis for these plans, "Becoming the True Fraternity for Life" was first proposed in 2002.
  • Creating a time-line for a Campaign for TKE Beta-Pi to begin on our 60th Anniversary in 2008.

Our Challenge and Our Opportunity

At various times in our Chapter's history, extraordinary generations of Tekes have risen to face extraordinary situations. In the late 1950s, the chapter needed to grow or die and it tripled in size. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, our Trustees bought property and Tekes ripped out walls, dug basements, poured concrete, and helped build an apartment house.

In the mid-1990s a single generation saw the complete destruction of our old social quarters, the construction of the new building, the gutting and renovation of our dormitory, the Olympic move-out, and the post-Olympic rebuild.

Now that our basic living and social space needs are met, we face the challenge to rise above the stereotype of fraternity as "something we did in college", to become a better foundation for lasting friendships from which every member can step away from Tech better prepared to realize his dreams than Tech alone could ever make him.

Many current undergrads will be around to see the transformation begin. All will be able to help us lay the groundwork now and proudly look back later when the changes are well under way, seeing the Good that will have become of his efforts.

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