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Greater TKE

TKE has over 275 chapters in the United States and Canada and also is confederated with a German fraternity, Weinheimer Senioren Convent ("The Corps"), of Weinheim, Germany. The Beta-Pi Chapter is part of Region 2 of TKE, which includes most of the South, and of TKE's Georgia Province.

The Undergraduate Chapter

The Beta-Pi chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in 1948 and had initiated 1,300 members as of the end of the 2005 spring semester.

The Beta-Pi Chapter, like all TKE chapters, is headed by a committee of eight elected "Greek" officers, so called because they have ancient Greek titles. The president of the undergraduate chapter is the prytanis. There are numerous other elected and appointed officers as well. Together they form the Executive Committee or "Exec", which meets weekly at least to coordinate the work of the Chapter.

The current Greek officers are:

Office Office holder E-mail (@betapitke.org)
Prytanis (president) Ian Stewart contact
Epiprytanis (vice president) Oliver Barrett contact
Hypophetes (scholarship)  
Grammateus (secretary) Mark Ladish grammateus
Crysophylos (treasurer) Ed Fleiss cryso
Histor (historian and alumni affairs) John Nickerson histor
Pylortes (sergeant-at-arms and house manager) Colin Caviness pylo
Hegemon (educator) Carlos Tan

Click on the names to hear the classical Greek pronunciations (mp3). Current "normal" pronunciations of titles can be had from any member.

The current non-Greek officers are:

Office Office holder E-mail (@betapitke.org)
Kitchen Steward Scott Griffin steward
Asst. Kitchen Steward Sean Farrell steward
Asst. Crysophylos Michael McLeod cryso
Asst. Pylortes Chris Jacobs pylo
Recruiting Chair Jeff Burns membership
IFC Rep Derrek Wiedemann
Athletic Coordinator Simon Xu
Philanthropy Coordinator James Fugedy
Fund Raising Coordinator Matt Goette
IT Coordinator Chris Jacobs
Social Coordinator Beau MacKinlay
Asst. Social Coordinator Stephen McMillan

Since spring 1994, every new prytanis of the Chapter has been taken to dinner by a collection of ex-presidents (at right) where he receives words of wisdom and assurance as well as a long list of alumni to whom he can turn for advice and support. No prytanis of the Beta-Pi Chapter has had to "reinvent the wheel" for over ten years. This continuity is one of the keys to the Chapter's success.

The Chapter has its own set of by-laws that govern the day-to-day operations of the organization. Chapter meetings are weekly during fall and spring and bi-weekly during summer. All undergraduate members in good standing are eligible to vote on matters brought before the Chapter.

The Alumni Association

The TKE Atlanta Alumni Association is active and provides services and activities for any TKE alumnus in the Atlanta area. An alumni association for TKE Beta-Pi is currently in the concept stage.

Corporate Entities

Two corporate entities are associated with the TKE Beta-Pi Chapter. Both of these are nonprofit organizations, 501c (7), in the state of Georgia.

  • "TKE Beta-Pi Chapter, Inc." is the chapter corporation. All undergraduate members of the Chapter who are in good standing are also non-voting members of the chapter corporation. The voting members of the corporation form the Chapter's Board of Advisors (BOA). This group includes a representative from the BOT, the undergraduate president, all the chapter advisors, and other people who work directly with the undergraduate officers. The BOA is the front line of alumni involvement with the undergrads. It is responsible for delivering services to the Chapter and with making sure that day-to-day operations run well. The chapter corporation also owns much of the "service" equipment in the House such as washers, dryers, water heaters, and HVAC units.
  • "TKE of Georgia, Inc." is the housing corporation. Its directors form the Chapter's Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT owns the property and some, mostly kitchen, equipment. It is in charge of long term Chapter and facilities planning and also has the final word in organizational issues involving the property, Chapter finances, risk management, housing privileges, and discipline.

The Legalities

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