If you cannot stay at Tech, you cannot stay at Teke.  It takes discipline to succeed at Tech and an uncommon amount of it to succeed when surrounded by all the distractions of a large, extremely active chapter such as TKE.   However, for those who figure it out, the time-management and study skills one needs to develop to take full advantage of all Tech and TKE have to offer prepare one well for the demands of the larger world.  Among fraternities at Tech, TKE consistently places among the largest number of brothers and percentage of membership on the Dean's List.  Our goal is now to help and encourage those who perform consistently on the "other end of the scale" to raise their performance.  This begins with skills and attitudes developed in one's first few terms at Tech. 

The pledge program has recently been modifed to emphasize time management and study skills.  All pledges are expected to attend study halls regularly and to provide evidence from their professors that they are making satisfactory progress in their classes before they are initiated.  The chapter will not initiate pledges whose future at Tech is in doubt since that serves neither the Chapter nor the pledge. 

One advantage of life in the Greek System at Tech is the practice at most houses of saving copies of old tests and notes, known as Word.  To make our Word more accessible to members and to keep it from "disappearing", we constantly scan all of it in and make it available electronically through our FTP server.   These files are accessible from any computer in the House.



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