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Donation of Material to the Chapter

Current specific needs.

  • Building material for reworking all the lofts into compliance with fire code. Plywood, 2x4s, 4x4s, and screws (length) are currently needed in copious amounts.
  • Sheetrock, mud, tape, and paint for repairing walls in the dormitory after the old lofts are ripped out.
  • If you'd like to help out, e-mail the pylortes, pylo "at" betapitke.org about donating money through gift cards from Home Depot or Lowes or e-mail the crysophylos, cryso "at" betapitke.org about donating money through Omega Financial.

Recurring needs. You remember what it was like in college. Members are always looking for old furniture they don't have to pay (much) for. If you've got some that's in good condition. E-mail the pylortes, pylo "at" betapitke.org, identify yourself, describe what you have, include some contact information, and give us a time deadline. He'll pass the word around. If someone is interested, he can contact you directly. If you don't hear from anyone by the deadline, the Salvation Army or Goodwill will surely be glad to take it.

Targeted Giving of Money in Support of Greekweek or Homecoming Activities

The Chapter appreciates your support of its Greekweek and Homecoming-related actitivites by helping pay for some necessary supplies. These donations are not tax deductible.

To pay for participation in alumni activites such as the Homecoming Reunion or the Golf Tournament, go to the Alumni Association link.

Opportunities to give Money that offer Tax Advantages

Gentlemen, these opportunites are the future of the Chapter. If you have questions about any of this, e-mail the chapter advisor, chapadv "at" betapitke.org, and he'll fall over himself explaining the great potential in this area.

TKE Beta-Pi Endowment for Leadership and Scholarship Development: A long name but, basically, the Teke Educational Foundation (TEF) administers an endowment for the Beta-Pi Chapter. When the endowment reaches $50,000, the Board of Advisors will start drawing off no more than 5% each year to fund educational programming and chapter team-building and "beyond the comfort zone" activities such as ropes courses and white-water rafting. Current plans call for the endowment to reach $1.2 million, which would enable the Chapter to provide extraordinary educational and leadership opportunities for members who remain active throughout their undergraduate years. Donations to this endowment are tax deductible. To make a donation to this fund, contact , contact the TEF at tef@betapitke.org. Be sure to indicate clearly that you want your donation to go to the Beta-Pi fund and not the general endowment or the special projects fund (see next.)

TKE Beta-Pi Special Projects Fund: This is also administered by the TEF for the Chapter. This fund may be drawn down completely to pay for programming as well as to help support the educational mission of the organization. Donations to this fund are tax deductible. If you're interested, start by reading the description of what this fund can be used for (pdf). To make a donation to this fund, contact the TEF at tef@betapitke.org. Be sure to indicate clearly that you want the donation to go to the TKE Beta-Pi Special Projects Fund, not the endowment.

TKE Life-Loyal Teke (LLT) Program: This program has been set up by TKE National to gradually shift the burden of operational expenses from the undergraduates to the alumni. A sizeable chuck of your membership fee, however, will go to the endowment for the Beta-Pi chapter (see above.) Discounted membership is available for recent alumni. More information on Life Loyal Teke is available at the website. A part of the donations to this program are tax deductible. To join the Life Loyal Teke program, contact TKE directly.

The philanthropy of TKE Fraternity is the Alzheimer's Association Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute. To learn more about how you can give to the Institute, visit TKE National's Donation Site. This does not benefit the Chapter financially but it does count towards our donations to the philanthropy.

Upcoming Opportunities

Campaign for Beta-Pi: We'll be kicking this off soon. The purpose of the campaign is to carry our facilities to the next level of excellence, restoring them to their former position as the absolute finest residental and social space on campus. The tax status of this program has yet to be determined. Curious? E-mail the chapter advisor, chapadv "at" betapitke.org, and he'll bring you up to speed.

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