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This is the clearinghouse for resumes for undergraduates and young alumni looking for part-time work, internships, co-op jobs, and full-time positions. The system currently supports uploads and browsing only. However, it will be modified soon to allow members to categorize their posting according to kind of position sought and to enable people to upload information about job opportunities as well.

How to Prepare your Resume

Resumes of undergraduates and graduates on good standing may be posted. Resume files must have these properties:

  • The resume file must be in pdf format so that all browsers can read it. Pdf is the adobe acrobat format and programs to convert all kinds of files to the format are available on-line.
  • The file must be no larger than 300K.
  • Name the file with your scroll number, followed by pdf. For example, if your scroll number were 513, the filename would be 513.pdf.

How to Upload your Resume

To make your resume appear on the list, you must do two things:

  • E-mail the pdf of your resume to resume "at" betapitke.org. The person in charge of uploads will look over it and contact you if he has any questions before installing it on the website.
  • Update your record in the member database, log on to the databse as "guest" (no password required). Type "Post resume." somewhere in the comment field of your record. When the record is validated, your name will appear on the resume list.

    When your resume is uploaded and the change to your record is validated, a link to your resume will appear in the list.

As long as you're posting your resume places, you might also consider monster.com, careerbuilder.com, hotjobs.yahoo.com or dice.com. TKE does not endorse these sites.

How to Update your Resume

If you want to update your resume, simply e-mail a new pdf to resume "at" betapitke.org.

How to Delete your Resume

If you ever want to keep your resume from being viewed on-line, simply delete "Post resume." from the comment field in your record. When the record is validated, the link to your resume will disappear. If you change your mind, you can always go back and re-type "Post resume." in the comment field.

How to Examine Resumes

You must have a program capable of reading pdf files installed. This is not unusal for most browsers these days. However, if you lack the plug in, you may download Acrobat Reader.

Once you have Acrobat Reader installed, you may view the resume list. Just click on the links to see the pdfs.

Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page from the resume list.

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