Annual Joint BOT/BOA Meeting Held

Adcock and Reagan sign the 2013-2014 lease agreement.

It’s easier to look at the big numbers when it’s not your money.

The annual joint meeting took place in the 4th floor study hall in the Chapter House on the evening of May 2, 2013 with chairmen John Reagan and David Adcock presiding.  The annual joint meeting is held primarily for the signing of the lease for the coming academic year and the presentation of Chapter plans for the coming year.

This meeting was notable for the presence of many new members including Eric Broadwell (BOT) and Bryan Hess, Doug Hale, and Keith Altobelli (BOA) joining the “Eternals” John Reagan, Gary Minor and Scott Smelter (BOT) and David Adcock and Michael Smith (BOA).  Members Ric Gray and Minton O’Neal were otherwise occupied but will be active in the future.

A slate of BOA members who had agreed to serve was presented by Adcock and approved by the BOA:

  • BOA Chairman: Ric Gray
  • BOA Treasurer: Keith Altobelli
  • BOA Secretary: Michael Smith

Doug Hale will be working with the Chef and Steward to manage the mandatory meal plan.

A BOA Vice-Chairman (VP) will be named later by Gray.

If you see a generational trend in the staffing of the BOA, you are not alone.  The only thing missing was Joe Jackson playing in the background.

Eric Broadwell will replace Darrell Sumner as BOT Treasurer, Darrell having served since the days of the abacus and Napier’s Bones.

There was some discussion on the rent structure, utilities, and meal plan costs.  The undergrads presented a thorough analysis of utilities costs in the new building, which will be discussed further. On the matter of how the rent is determined, the BOT reiterated its position that while rents will remain competitive with Georgia Tech, TKE is not competing against non-comparable facilities, such as off-campus apartments, and that it is not in the business of providing subsidized housing but responsible stewardship of the property.  

It was a short, amiable meeting of old friends and fraters.