One would be hard pressed to find a fraternity at Tech that participates more widely in intramurals than TKE. 

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Since we are a large chapter and are active all the year round, we can field a team in almost every sport, sometimes more than one team.  We are almost always contenders, if not champions.  We have, arguably, the finest volleyball facilities on campus outside the SAC and we use them whenever the weather permits.  And while some members are practicing for the school volleyball tournament, others are playing three on three using our regulation basketball goal.  The photograph on the left shows Teke volleyball veteran Chris Penley spiking the ball into a hapless group of opponents.  Below you see a group warming up for three-on-three volleyball. 

In addition to team sports, many brothers are members of the barbell club, which is only a block away from the House.  As well, there are brothers who enjoy rafting, camping, rock climbing, and sailing.  Since we live in Atlanta, it's not uncommon to find a group of brothers taking off in the afternoon during all but about three months of winter for a round of golf at one of the many public golf courses in the Atlanta area. 

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Because of class conflicts and high demand for space on the SAC fields, intramural games often start and end late at night.  Here's our team participating in such a game of flag football.  This game replaced the old touch football in the early 1980s due to the high number of injuries.  The SAC fields, a short drive from the House, are among the largest artificially-surfaced athletic fields in North America.   





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