Bill Bulpitt and his Tiger Featured in Alumni Magazine

BulpittThe word “engineer” goes back to the Latin ingenium but the descendants of the word have different connotations depending on the language.  For example, in the Romance languages such as French, “engineer”–ingénieur–came down the same road as “ingenious”–ingénieux.  In English, however, “engineer” is closely associated with engine and carries the connotation of a person who carries a rag in the back pocket and gets grease under the fingernails.

Frater Bill Bulpitt is a man about whom “engineer” in both senses applies.  He’s a world-class expert on renewable and transitional energy and is equally at home rebuilding an ICE.

The latest edition of the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine features a short article of about Bill and a recent project, restoring a Sunbeam Tiger.

(Photograph from the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine.)