Capital Campaign for Phase II reaches $600,000; Undergraduates promise $50,000

Pledge Board as of Summer 2012. Are you in?

Chapter adviser and BOA chairman David Adcock announced that total contributions to the capital campaign for phase II of the renovation of the Chapter House have reached $600,000 of which about $50,000 is from current undergraduate members. He made the announcement yesterday at the Chapter House during a meeting and phase I walk through.

BOT members John Reagan and Gary Minor led walks through phase I for alumni and undergraduates, answering questions and pointed out the many design features included to lower the operating cost for the undergraduates and provide a living experience consistent with TKE Beta-Pi’s positioning at Georgia Tech: We are a large fraternity. We are a residential experience. We expect all members to move into the Chapter House as soon as they can and remain until they graduate. 

The old first floor of the dormitory has been framed in its new temporary configuration–a combination of 2- and 3-man rooms and a large mechanical room in place of old 104 apartment or old 110-112 corner (depending on when you lived in the house).  A wide straight hallway has replaced the narrow twisty alley that wound through the old first floor.

The second floor’s permanent framing nears completion. This floor and those above feature 2-man rooms with high ceilings. Baths are shared between 2 rooms and are designed so that sink, toilet and shower can all be used simultaneously.  This should largely end the usual morning traffic jams for those with early classes or co-op jobs.

The third floor’s load bearing framing is done and work has begun on the fourth floor.

Already the scale of phase I is becoming apparent as the incomplete building towers over everything else in the vicinity.

Under the watchful eyes of Gary Minor and John Reagan, construction is on schedule for the return of the undergraduates for work week during fall 2012.