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Bill Bulpitt and his Tiger Featured in Alumni Magazine

The word “engineer” goes back to the Latin ingenium but the descendants of the word have different connotations depending on the language.  For example, in the Romance languages such as French, “engineer”–ingénieur–came down the same road as “ingenious”–ingénieux.  In English,

Daniel Webster Starts New Term in the Congress

Frater Daniel A. “Dan” Webster of Winter Garden, Florida, has started another term in Congress as the representative for the 10th congressional district in central Florida.  After getting out of Georgia Tech with an electrical engineering degree, Webster went to work

Michael St. John Recognized for Community Service

Frater Michael St. John of Mt. Pleasant, SC has been selected from among SAIC’s 20,000 employees for its ASPIRE award in recognition of his work with Wando High School. Michael has served on the board for Wando High School’s Math Science

Frater George Kirkman makes TV Debut in Robot Combat League

Frater George Kirkman is making his TV debut on the SyFy Channel’s upcoming show “Robot Combat League” as a member of team “Steel Cyclone”. George grew up in Greenlawn, “Lon-GIsland”. He got out of Tech with the BEE and earned

Frater Eric Broadwell Changes Cycling Focus in Reponse to Diagnosis

“It is hard to write this update on my heart situation.  I have been diagnosed with a rare potentially genetic heart disorder called ARVC.  This past Monday I visited a national research center for the condition at Johns Hopkins in