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Death of Frater Bob Kirkhuff, former Chapter Adviser

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

(From the AJC with other sources) Bob Kirkhuff passed away after a brief illness on April 12th.

Frater Kirkhuff

Charles Robert Kirkhuff (Bob) was born in Scranton, PA on January 8, 1921. His parents were Charles and Donzella Kirkhuff. Bob attended University of Rhode Island before being drafted. He served three years in the Eighth Army Air Corp with 2 1/2 years in England in the First Air Division, Intelligence Section. He returned stateside in 1945 and married Luise Gartner. He then attended Brown University in Rhode Island, when a position became available at Grinnell Corp. in Atlanta as a metallurgist to open a lab. When Grinnell closed the plant in 1974, Bob became an optician for Ballard where he worked for 12 years before retiring.

Bob loved his family, friends, church and country. He served as a Senior Warden, Junior Warden and many committees in the Episcopal Church. His hobbies were photography, wood-working, traveling and gardening. He held many posts in his local neighborhood association.

He was a chapter adviser for Beta Pi Chapter of TKE at Georgia Tech for over 25 years. Bob and Luise arrived in Atlanta in the early 1950s at a crucial time in the chapter’s history when the organization was losing its original founders and leadership was passing to the  members the founders had recruited. Together Bob and Luise were a benevolent and stabilizing influence, guiding the young chapter through numerous existential and property-related crises. With their help the chapter became a large, stable organization providing a residential experience in its own property.

For Bob’s lifelong contribution to the character and success of the chapter, he was honored as the first member of the its Order of Beta-Pi.  

Bob and Luise were married for over 66 years. Surviving are sons Mark and Paul, daughter Donna Smith and her husband James and granddaughter Lauren.

Service will be held at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. Benno Pattison officiating, located at 2089 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta GA 30307 on Thursday, April 19th at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations in his memory to the music department at Epiphany or the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra. A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral Home and Crematory.

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Wick Moorman, Norfolk-Southern CEO, speaks at TKE Beta-Pi

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
Frater Wick Moorman and the Summer 2012 Chapter

Frater Wick Moorman and the Summer 2012 Chapter

Frater Charles “Wick” Moorman (BCE 1975) is living out his lifelong passion for railroads as the current CEO of Norfolk Southern Railroad and he shared some of his experience and advice with the undergraduates Monday night 3/5/2012 at TKE at Georgia Tech.Almost the entire summer chapter, along with trustees and advisers John Reagan, David Adcock and Michael Smith showed up at the House to hear him speak.

Wick amused everyone with a few stories of his younger days in the TKE House and as a co-op with the railroad before framing up some of the keys to his success. Among many pieces of good advise, a few stuck out:

  • Make good grades. Although this might be considered a bromide, it was meaningful to hear it from the CEO of a company that recruits–a man who also has an MBA from Harvard.
  • Get really good at something–good enough to be noticed. Whatever job your at, even if it’s not the one you want to keep, do it well enough to be noticed. Later, an opportunity may arise that has little in common with what you are doing now but people will remember that, whatever you were doing, you did it well. That’s how you move up.
  • Recognize that, as an undergrad at Georgia Tech, you are part of the .001% in the world before you even graduate–and that a large part of that is luck. Much of success is luck–being in the right place at the right time. When you are successful, don’t make the mistake of thinking it was all due simply to your work. Give away some of your gains because it wasn’t all your effort that got you there.

Wick fielded questions from the audience on several topics including the prospects for passenger rail (as opposed to freight rail) and on the future of the railroad industry in general.  He was especially eloquent at describing the financial and environmental advantages of  shipping by rail. After, he remained to speak individually with several undergraduates.

“Wick’s talk was both informative and entertaining,” prytanis Michael Costner said. “Its great to see such a successful alumnus come back and share his experiences with all of the undergrads.”

Frater Moorman’s talk was the latest in TKE Beta-Pi’s ongoing series of alumni dinner talks designed to help the undergrads understand the qualities and paths that lead to success in life and to give the alumni a way to share their experience with an interested and appreciate audience.  This was the last talk scheduled for the current academic year.  More talks will be scheduled soon for the 2012-2013 year.

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Tekes Help Google Fight Spam & Fraud

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

John Nickerson & Oliver Barrett

Since early 2011, two Tekes from the Beta-Pi Chapter at Georgia Tech have been working at Google helping keep the Internet clean. Oliver Barrett (#1258) is a strategist with the Search Quality team and John Nickerson (#1251) is a support engineer with the Ad Traffic Quality team. Both work at the Mountain View headquarters in California.

As a strategist on the Search Quality team, Oliver’s primary focus is ensuring that search results are spam free and, above all else, useful for Google’s millions of users. His day to day work involves analyzing search trends for spam and abuse and developing solutions to help keep Google one step ahead of those trying to “game the system”. In addition he works on Webmaster Communications and as a part of that has been traveling around the U.S. helping small and medium businesses get online to increase their presence in the digital age.

John’s role on the Ad Traffic Quality team involves engineering tools and applications that help detect click fraud activity across the Google AdSense network. He spends most of his day working with analysts to identify areas of product abuse, and developing applications that Google uses to ensure their advertising partners are not affected by fraudulent activity. Additionally, John helps advise on AdSense policy to ensure they are properly communicated to the millions of Google users and that they are enforced .

Oliver and John have also been active in the Northern California Georgia Tech Alumni group, watching football games with other alumni at a local watering hole, The Blue Light, at the brutal hour of 9am local time.

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Interested in Alumni Block Seating for Football?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

The GT group sales office has provided the following offer. If you are interested, respond to Dave Adcock and he’ll see what he can set up.

->Best value in almost a decade at a $249 base price in premium sections.
->Special $199 and $175 season price points in the upper sideline corners and gold zone respectively.
-> Tickets will go on sale Wednesday afternoon and a number of organizations are already lining up to secure blocks in these specially priced areas.
-> Normally a price drop means a drop in the number of games as well, but we maintain a 7 game home schedule.

$325 per ticket Section 104 and 108
$275 per ticket Section 224L, 225 and 226L
$225 per ticket Section 103, 109, 124, 127, 204L and 205L
$200 per ticket Section 204U and 205U
$175 per ticket Section 224U and 226U
$125 per ticket Section 110, 123, 128, 203L, 206L, 223L and 227L
$100 per ticket Section 102, 122, 223U and 227U
$75 per ticket Section 129, 203U and 206U

No TECH Fund Section 101, 111, 121, 130-132, 201-202, 207-208, 210-219, 221-222, 228-229

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Cody Parham Earns the PE

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
Cody Parham, Beta-Pi #1241

Cody Parham, Beta-Pi #1241

Frater Cody Parham (BSCE 2007), Beta-Pi #1241, recently passed the Principles of Practice and Engineering exam and has earned the Professional Engineer license in the state of Florida.

He is in his fourth year with Kimley-Horn and Associates doing aviation-civil design and construction management.

While he was an undergrad, Cody co-oped with Willmer Engineering where he did testing on materials and laboratory soils as well as spent time on construction projects as a technician performing batch-mixed concrete tests, standard penetration tests, fill material compaction tests, and rebar inspections.

Cody also interned with the Georgia Department of Transportation in the Traffic Control Section of District 4 where he performed traffic speed studies, analyzed existing intersection signage conditions and made recommendations for future signage needs.

Besides his involvement with TKE as an undergraduate, Cody was a Greek Alcohol Peer Educator and a member of the ASCE.

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