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Undergrad Recruiting Results for 2011 Fall

The undergrads report that 33 young men have pledged to TKE Beta-Pi as of last night.  When they are initiated, chapter membership will exceed 100. That is one fierce sea of khaki.

TKE Tug of War

In the last half of the 1990s, the only force on campus that could stop TKE Beta-Pi was the Chapter itself.  With lots of members, good financial control, a new social quarters, a refurbished dormitory, and a hell-yeah attitude, the Tekes at

TKE Beta-Pi Hires Chef Steve Hewins

Major changes in the meal plan are under way at TKE Beta-Pi. Under the guidance (or insistence) of John Reagan, the chapter has hired a chef and charged him with making being on the meal plan at TKE an outstanding

Website Domain Changes in Progress

Until yesterday, the undergraduate and alumni websites were both hosted by the same service with the alumni site URL “” pointing to the alumni directory of the website.  You might have noticed this if you glanced at the address

Wanna Network? Join the LinkedIn Group

Are you looking for a job or a career change?  Do you have openings?  Would you like to hire a Teke from Tech as an intern?  Have you started your own company? Let everyone know what you’re doing.   Join