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Twenty Years Ago…

The “Blizzard of ’93” at TKE Twenty years ago, Atlanta and the rest of the East was slammed by an early spring blizzard: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  

Death of Frater Bob Kirkhuff, former Chapter Adviser

(From the AJC with other sources) Bob Kirkhuff passed away after a brief illness on April 12th. Frater Charles Robert “Bob” Kirkhuff was born in Scranton, PA on January 8, 1921. His parents were Charles and Donzella Kirkhuff. Bob attended University of

Do You Know the Provenance of this Object?

A Bible found its way into a brother’s hands while he lived at the TKE House. Though he did not know its significance, he has kept it safe ever since. Can you explain how it came to be at 159

TKE Tug of War

In the last half of the 1990s, the only force on campus that could stop TKE Beta-Pi was the Chapter itself.  With lots of members, good financial control, a new social quarters, a refurbished dormitory, and a hell-yeah attitude, the Tekes at

The Irish are Coming! 15 Years ago at TKE Beta-Pi

Michael, me boy, how’d you like to come to the closing ceremonies with us? Fifteen years ago, right about this time of the year, a group of seven initiates and one girlfriend worked night and day for 2 weeks to