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Wick Moorman, Norfolk-Southern CEO, speaks at TKE Beta-Pi

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
Frater Wick Moorman and the Summer 2012 Chapter

Frater Wick Moorman and the Summer 2012 Chapter

Frater Charles “Wick” Moorman (BCE 1975) is living out his lifelong passion for railroads as the current CEO of Norfolk Southern Railroad and he shared some of his experience and advice with the undergraduates Monday night 3/5/2012 at TKE at Georgia Tech.Almost the entire summer chapter, along with trustees and advisers John Reagan, David Adcock and Michael Smith showed up at the House to hear him speak.

Wick amused everyone with a few stories of his younger days in the TKE House and as a co-op with the railroad before framing up some of the keys to his success. Among many pieces of good advise, a few stuck out:

  • Make good grades. Although this might be considered a bromide, it was meaningful to hear it from the CEO of a company that recruits–a man who also has an MBA from Harvard.
  • Get really good at something–good enough to be noticed. Whatever job your at, even if it’s not the one you want to keep, do it well enough to be noticed. Later, an opportunity may arise that has little in common with what you are doing now but people will remember that, whatever you were doing, you did it well. That’s how you move up.
  • Recognize that, as an undergrad at Georgia Tech, you are part of the .001% in the world before you even graduate–and that a large part of that is luck. Much of success is luck–being in the right place at the right time. When you are successful, don’t make the mistake of thinking it was all due simply to your work. Give away some of your gains because it wasn’t all your effort that got you there.

Wick fielded questions from the audience on several topics including the prospects for passenger rail (as opposed to freight rail) and on the future of the railroad industry in general.  He was especially eloquent at describing the financial and environmental advantages of  shipping by rail. After, he remained to speak individually with several undergraduates.

“Wick’s talk was both informative and entertaining,” prytanis Michael Costner said. “Its great to see such a successful alumnus come back and share his experiences with all of the undergrads.”

Frater Moorman’s talk was the latest in TKE Beta-Pi’s ongoing series of alumni dinner talks designed to help the undergrads understand the qualities and paths that lead to success in life and to give the alumni a way to share their experience with an interested and appreciate audience.  This was the last talk scheduled for the current academic year.  More talks will be scheduled soon for the 2012-2013 year.

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Take Down Ends. Build Up Begins.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

TKE Beta-Pi 2012 02 19

Construction continues apace at TKE Beta-Pi. The two upper floors of the old dormitory have been removed. The remaining first floor will be reconfigured as 2- and 3-man rooms and 3 additional floors containing 2-man rooms and study areas will rise soon.

Expect to see a large crane on site in the next few weeks, a younger sibling of the “African Queen” that did the work in 1994 perhaps, to place floor slabs as the new dormitory takes shape. By the end of April, the shape and size of the new building will be apparent. It will be stunning. The drawings do not fully convey how large the new building will be relative to its neighbors.

The undergraduate chapter is holding together well so far. The meal plan continues uninterruped and regular work parties keep the place in a semblance of good order although, as anyone who lived on site during the building of the social quarters in the 90s will tell you, one never really gets ahead of the dirt and dust at a construction site. They collegiate are using the remaining building as a social space despite the difficulties. This was made possible in part by the build out a temporary men’s head on the first floor.

By T-day in the spring, there will be a lot for alumni to see at the House!


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Finishing a Busy Spring at TKE Beta-Pi

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Tekes Winning Greek Sing 2011

It’s been a busy semester!  The undergrads have won Greek Week 2011, including Greek Sing.   Check out the video on YouTube and just get by the giggling.  They pulled off a major spring outdoor concert,  ”Tekestock”,  at the House, hosting nine local bands.   The undergrads and board cooperated to create a monthly dinner speaker event at the house, feature notable Chapter alumni.  Recruiting has gone well this year and the House will be full in the fall.  If the undergrads reproduce this year’s recruiting performance, we’ll be looking at a 90+ man juggernaut next year.

Speaking of juggernauts, reconstruction of the Chapter House will occur.  It’s only a matter of time now.  The Board has settled on construction in two phases beginning with the old dormitory–known as “The North House” from now on–and has engaged The Laurus Group to conduct the campaign.   Updated drawings are posted on the facilities|upcoming major renovations page of the website.  The only major difference from these drawings will be that the North House reconstruction will include bed spaces on the first floor.   This will enable us to house most eligible undergraduates between phases and will generate more cash, which will then be turned back into construction.   When we move to phase 2, the first floor of the North House will be cleared and we will create a real teaching kitchen in that space.

Finally, the Board sponsored the first T-Day Tailgate at the Chapter House.  Despite it being Easter weekend, we had a good mix of old and young alumni at the House.  This will be our annual spring event from now on.

The spring newsletter will come out in the next two weeks and will include more details on these accomplishments and events, member spotlights, dates to save, etc.   If you don’t receive the newsletter, go to the “Keep in Touch” page and update your information with the Laurus Group.

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Chapter implements first TAP scholarship

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Prytanis Gary Gallagher and Rush Chairman Brendan Patterson and This Year's TAP Scholarship Winners

Prytanis Gary Gallagher and Rush Chairman Brendan Patterson and This Year's TAP Scholarship Winners

This spring, for the first time, TKE Beta-Pi implemented the Triangle Achievement Program. The TAP, a 1986 invention of the TKE Beta-Sigma at the University of Southern California, had been proposed by the alumni many years ago as a good way to meet some sharp freshmen.

Applicants were screened and finalists invited to Atlanta for a day in May of interviews and information. While the incoming freshmen met with teams of Tekes, BOT members David Adcock and Michael Smith talked with parents and other applicants about factors that lead to success in college and about the value added by the Greek system.

After the interviews, participants walked to the Chapter House for a cookout and the announcement of awards.

This year’s awards, totaling $3,000, were sponsored by the BOT/Alumni Association.

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