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Eric Broadwell runs for Cobb EMC Board

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Eric Broadwell, candidate for Cobb EMC Board

Frater Eric Broadwell is running for the Cobb EMC Board.  The AJC has run a series of articles on the situation at the co-op that prompted him to run.   Businessweek has also picked up the story.

“Cobb County and surrounding areas are served by the utility company Cobb EMC an electrical co-op,” Eric wrote.  ”Co-ops were originated in the late 30s to help rural areas with power and the idea was the farmers and people served by the co-op were the people that ran the co-op and they were to be a non-profit organization.  Now Cobb EMC is the 5th largest co-op in the US, Marietta isn’t rural anymore and Cobb EMC isn’t an ordinary co-op.

“In the early 2000′s regulations were changing rapidly and many utilities struggled to remain competitive.  During this changing time, the co-op hired Dwight Brown as CEO.  Mr. Brown started a for profit company called Cobb Energy.  He used money loaned to him by Cobb EMC and moved Cobb EMC (non-profit) assets over to the for-profit company, after having stated in the annual meeting that no assets would be touched by the for-profit company.

“Dwight Brown and Cobb Energy were sued and forced to bring the for-profit company under the non-profit company.  As part of the settlement, Brown had to retire and not seek an extension of his employment after February 2011.  However, he has continued to work at Cobb EMC as a consultant.   Now the Board is back in court asking to rehire Dwight as the CEO claiming that the court-directed retirement does not apply since it isn’t Brown that is seeking employment, it’s the board seeking him.  Brown also started Power4Georgians, an organization that is trying to build coal burning power plants.  This is a blatant conflict of interests.  Dwight is working hard to provide undue self enrichment at the expense of captured Cobb EMC members.

“Mayor Jere Wood of Roswell asked me to run to bring some integrity to the situation.  I investigated the situation and found it appalling”, Eric continued.  ”My background would serve well in being a board member.  Because of lawsuits, no elections have been held nor has there been a general meeting of the EMC since 2008.  It is hoped that the courts will make a ruling to allow the annual meeting and elections to happen this fall.  I live in area 9 of Cobb EMC–the same area as the chairman of the board, Larry Chadwick.  I am the only qualified candidate for the 2009 election.  By electing me to the board, the leadership of the board will change.  I am running on a platform of open and honest governance with integrity.  Please like my facebook page, Eric Broadwell for Cobb EMC Board, and show your support.”

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