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Annual Joint BOT/BOA Meeting Held

The annual joint meeting took place in the 4th floor study hall in the Chapter House on the evening of May 2, 2013 with chairmen John Reagan and David Adcock presiding.  The annual joint meeting is held primarily for the

2012 Homecoming at TKE Beta-Pi

The Boards have made some preliminary plans to celebrate 2012 Homecoming. In lieu of hosting an alumni gathering off campus, the boards have decided to host the event at the House, which will save money that can be put toward

Boards Transition

The trustees meeting of Sunday 19 February 2012 was a quiet watershed in the history of TKE Beta-Pi. Several years ago, the trustees began the process of separating the facilities management and collegiate supervision aspects of operations. The chapter was

Take Down Ends. Build Up Begins.

Construction continues apace at TKE Beta-Pi. The two upper floors of the old dormitory have been removed. The remaining first floor will be reconfigured as 2- and 3-man rooms and 3 additional floors containing 2-man rooms and study areas will


The razing of the old building is not so much a demolition as a deconstruction.  It started a few days ago and will continue for a few more weeks.  The replacement building will be ready to occupy by 2012 Fall