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Deal closed. Old apartment house/dormitory is coming down.

Yesterday, 29 December 2011, John Reagan, Gary Minor and Scott Smelter met with the bankers and the attorneys and signed the papers. The loan is secured. The word is given. The old living space is coming down. Let Phase I

Board of Trustees receives Demolition Permit

The BOT has received a permit to take down the old apartment house/dormitory. The structure will not be so much “demolished” as “dis-assembled” in an orderly manner.  The undergrads have already “bugged out” and dis-assembly will begin soon. Doing something interesting? 

Trustees Send Reconstruction Plans to the Banks

The Board of Trustees met last Sunday, October 2nd, and reviewed plans for the upcoming renovation with the undergraduates. The contractor has been selected and packages are out to four banks now. If acceptable terms are reached, we’re set for

TKE Beta-Pi Hires Chef Steve Hewins

Major changes in the meal plan are under way at TKE Beta-Pi. Under the guidance (or insistence) of John Reagan, the chapter has hired a chef and charged him with making being on the meal plan at TKE an outstanding

Board of Trustees Sets Go/NoGo Date and Criteria for Renovation Phase I

Board members David Adcock, Gary Minor, John Reagan and Michael Smith met Wednesday 25 May 2011 at the Praxis3 offices in Atlanta to discuss kicking off phase 1 of the renovation project. The board agreed on a new rent structure