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Website Domain Changes in Progress

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Until yesterday, the undergraduate and alumni websites were both hosted by the same service with the alumni site URL “” pointing to the alumni directory of the website.  You might have noticed this if you glanced at the address bar when you visited this site.  We are making changes.

Yesterday, we pointed the undergraduate domain, to a new hosting service provided by TKE HQ.  It has a completely different look from the old site and the undergraduates will be uploading new content to it in the coming weeks as well as changing its standard appearance.

The alumni site,, is now the primary domain at our old hosting service.  The only change you should notice is that the URL no longer changes to when you visit the site.

If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you must change the feed from to

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TKE HQ Deploys Major Site Updates

Monday, August 10th, 2009
The new features good form as well as function

The new features good form as well as function

At the 2009 Conclave in New Orleans, TKE HQ unveiled the updated fraternity website,  The site reflects modern design principles and the use of flash and other tools.  The old site, while more informative than most Greek websites, appeared as if an … ahem …  engineer had designed it.

To help with recruiting, HQ has also updated, the site developed for prospective members and parents.

TKE HQ has also begun hosting and providing templates free of charge for chapter websites.  While the beta-pi has chosen to do these things on our own, this new service is a boon to smaller chapters and to those that lack the requisite skills.

These projects, and more forthcoming, illustrate TKE HQ’s determination to use up-to-date technology, where appropriate, to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

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Relaunch of the site

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Fraters, it’s been a while but we are finally relaunching the old “” website.  Originally this was the only site for the Chapter but we’ve since created separate sites for the undergrad chapter and for the “greater beta-pi”.

Both sites are now hosted by the same service, which is why the old URL redirects to this directory under “gatechtke”.

I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feeds from the site and then employ a feedreader such as “google reader” to keep up with posts without having to remember to visit the site.   This is how I keep up with new information on a dozen websites that I’d rather not have to visit every day.  The feed for this site is:

More coming soon because lots is going on at the beta-pi.


Mike Smith, BSICS ’85

BOT Chairman

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