TKE Brother Dunk Contest

TKE is home to many of the most competitive and talented athletic teams in Georgia Tech intramurals. We are currently school champions three years running in Kickball and Whiffleball, as well as reigning school champions in Softball. Both our soccer team and our basketball team have made it to the Fraternity championship in previous years.  We also like to consider ourselves competitive in other sports, such as flag football, indoor soccer, and indoor and outdoor volleyball.

Besides the competitive side of intramurals, TKE also fields several other teams (at least one other per sport) so that other brothers can play.  In addition to these “independent” teams, we usually have a Co-Ed team for every sport, such as Co-Rec Basketball, Football, Soccer, and yes, even Dodgeball.  We have multiple brothers who also participate in club sports such as soccer, baseball, and lacrosse, and even have brothers competing on the varsity level.

We believe that being active in athletics is a great way to bond amongst others in the fraternity.  We love to be competitive at TKE, but we also believe that sports are meant to be fun.  So whether you want to shoot hoops in the backyard or win a Intramural Championship, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon do it all!

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