Campus Involvement

Campus involvement is something that TKE takes great pride in. We feel you are nothing to your community if you don’t reciprocate what your community gives to you. Georgia Tech offers us endless opportunities for us to achieve anything we wish to accomplish. All of our members are involved in other areas outside greek life, whether it be in varsity and club sports, FASET, TeamBuzz and Tech Beautification Day, Student Government programs, and other charitable organizations. As a whole our chapter participates in various events on campus, the most important of these being Homecoming, Greek Week, TEAM Buzz, and Tech Beautification Day.

Homecoming is a weeklong campus wide competition amongst pretty much every student organization willing to participate. Everyone knows about the football game, but the entire week leading up to the game all of these organizations are competing to become homecoming champs. Events include Mock Rock, the Wreck Parade, Mini 500, and Freshman Cake Race just to name a few. This past year, TKE came in 3rd place in the Fraternity Division of Homecoming

Greek Week is a weeklong competition between all Greek organizations that takes place every sSpring. Every year we host the Arm Wrestling competition, as we have a perfect venue for the event, and we consistently win or place in the larger events such as Tug, which we have won 16 of the past 19 years, and Greek Sing, which we won in 2011, and placed in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Both TEAM Buzz and Tech Beautification Day are campus and Atlanta wide community service events. We at TKE believe that community service is crucial to developing necessary life skills, and that every person should give back to the community, and strive to make their environment the greatest it can possible be.  We reward those brothers who complete over 15 hours of community service every semester with housing priority points.

We firmly believe that it is our duty to give back to Georgia Tech, and these are just some examples of how we are able to reciprocate what the Institute will do for us in the long run.

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