At TKE Beta-Pi, we believe that the ideal college experience should consist of a balance between academics, campus/community involvement, and fun.  We pride ourselves on having one of the strongest and most diverse social calendars in both the Greek community and on campus.  Our social events include band parties, fraternity-sorority mixers, date nights, formal events, tailgates, and other events.


Velcro Pygmies

We consider band parties to be the quintessential college party experience.  A few times every semester, we will hire a band to play during our parties.  Unlike many fraternities, we consider the band the be the focal point of the party, and often times you will see hundreds of people on our complex gravitating to the music.  From 80s, to 90s, to Country, the genres of music played at these band parties are endless.  In particular, Polar Beach, our largest event of the school year happens annually in November.  At this time, the entire chapter helps move sand indoors and decorate our social quarters to give off an airy, beachy feel.  The three-day event includes a date night, a DJ, as well as a pair of bands playing on Friday and Saturday nights.  Recent bands/artists having performed at Beta-Pi TKE include: Afroman, Blackberry Breeze,  Travis Porter, DJ Unk, Wes Loper, The Velcro Pygmies, Lucky Town, MissUsed, DJ Fiesta, and more!

Each semester we invite one or two sororities to have mixers, sometimes called ‘swaps’, with us. Mixers are themed events between a fraternity and a

Bowling Mixer 2011

Bowling Mixer 2011

sorority.  The venues can range from bowling alleys to bars, and we try to exclusively rent out the venues so that all members are able to get in without any problem.

Date nights, or invite nights, are registered functions where brothers will invite a date to accompany them to the event.  Whether it be a Braves games or a sit-down dinner, from go-karting to a Dave and Buster’s night, date nights are always a good time for all.

During football season, we try to take our tailgates to the next level.  Although there is no designated tailgate spot, like “The Grove” at Ole Miss, we have an extensive backyard in which we like to throw our tailgate parties.  These events consist of free food, plenty of alumni, and sometimes live music, and are a great way to start off and finish any Georgia Tech gameday.


TKE Formal 2013

Every fall and spring semester, we host weekend-long out-of-town events called Formals.  Our Semi-formal occurs every December, and usually we rent out a cabin in the North Georgia mountains to hang out and celebrate, although this is not always the case.  On other instances, we have travelled to cities such as Charleston, SC, and rented out event space to have a formal proceeding.  During the Spring Semester, we rent buses and book hotel rooms for the TKE Red Carnation Ball, our Formal.  Accompanied with a date, our brother Suit Up! in their tuxedos, and we host a formal dinner, eventually crowning our Sweetheart for the upcoming year.  Recent hosts of our Formal have been New Orleans, LA, Nashville, TN, and many more.

Whether or not it is a registered event, there is always something going on at TKE.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by for some laughs, and a good time.

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