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Why Go Greek?

We understand that as a parent, you want to help your son make an informed decision about whether or not he should be a part of Greek Life.  Rather than come to a conclusion about fraternities based on hearsay, we would like to inform you of the benefits of fraternity membership and to dispel some common myths about fraternity life.

Going Greek is a very large step in one’s college experience.  It requires dedication and a time commitment, but if you ask any person in the Greek community at Georgia Tech, they will tell you that it is without a doubt worth it.  Those in fraternities are exposed to many more tools for success than those without, in school and beyond.


Academics, especially at Georgia Tech, should be your son’s number one focus while in college. At TKE, brothers are required to maintain a minimum GPA to remain active in the fraternity.  TKE consistently has a GPA that is higher than the average GPA for the non-Greek male.  The fraternity serves as a support group, assisting brothers with their studies by teaching good study habits and time management skills, as well as guidance and tutoring.  We have brothers of all majors, and often times older brothers will help younger brothers with choosing classes and remaining in good academic standing.  Almost always, brothers in the same classes will study with each other, and help each other out with homework, quizzes and tests.

Within the fraternity, we have an elected officer whose sole purpose is to help brothers and new members maintain good academic standing with the university, and help brothers perform to their highest capabilities academically.  Pledges are required to have monthly grade report meetings with this officer, where they will receive guidance on how to perform better in the classroom.  Furthermore, some social restrictions are placed on brothers who have poor academic standing, and these restrictions are not removed until significant performance is shown.

There also multiple incentives and rewards for those students who excel in their studies.  Every semester, TKE awards $1000  stipends to the four winners of  TKE grade team, as well as another $250 for the big brother – little brother combination with the highest overall GPA.


TKE Alumni Dinner

TKE Alumni Dinner

One major advantage of fraternities is the networking opportunities that one can, and often does, receive both while in school and after graduation.  Every month, TKE has an alumni dinner in which a guest of honor will speak about his college experience, and his keys to success in college.  Many brothers participate in the Co-op/Internship Program, and put in recommendations for younger brothers when job openings become available.  In multiple cases, graduating brothers have received job offers from companies owned or operated by both Georgia Tech and National TKEs.  Furthermore, TKE brothers are involved in activities outside of the fraternity, from FASET to Executive Round Table to Student Government and professional organizations.  TKE stresses the importance of  becoming involved in a variety of campus activities to create a well rounded college experience.


When most people think fraternity, they think of movies such as Old School or Animal House, and these movies are simply false representations of Greek Life.  Fraternities provide brothers with a large group of friends, as well as a support group.  At TKE, it is common to find multiple brothers sharing interests, whether it be musical selection, hobbies, sports, or general lifestyle.  At a school like Georgia Tech, where academics are such a large time commitment, it is difficult to develop relationships outside of the classroom.  Greek life makes it much easier to do this.


We understand that being in a fraternity is an investment.  When compared to costs associated with Georgia Tech housing and meal plans, fees for TKE are less.  Our full meal plan, which includes 10 meals/week prepared by a gourmet chef, is $996 less than the freshman meal plan.  For pledges, the full meal plan is $600, and this combined with the Georgia Tech Greek Access 5 meal plan is still cheaper than the Freshman Flex Plan.  For older brothers, living at TKE is over $300 dollars cheaper than Freshman dorms, and is over $1000 cheaper than other on-campus housing options.  When compared to off campus housing, at TKE you are not locked into a 12 month lease, and our housing is in a prime location that is close to classroom buildings and Technology Square.  We are always open to discuss our house budget and expenses, and there are no hidden fees in our membership and social dues.  We have designed our budget so that brothers can have a full college experience without the full college price.

Time Commitment
One thing concerning rushees is the time commitment that comes with pledging a fraternity.  Although being in a fraternity requires an investment of one’s time, it is not as much as many people think.  At TKE, we consider academics to be the number one priority, followed by campus involvement and athletics.   The time commitment associated with the fraternity is meant to educate brothers about the fraternity and its history, bond with the other brothers, as well as to balance academics, involvement, and fraternity to maximize one’s college experience.

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