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The domain for Beta-Pi TKE e-mail addresses is @betapitke.org. This should be appended to any e-mail account name in this list except for that of Omega Financial, which is here given in full.

Subject of interest E-mail account
Joining: If you have questions about getting to know TKE or about member recruiting at the Beta-Pi Chapter, contact the rush chairman. membership
Paying your Bill: If you have questions about the amount of your bill, including your kitchen bill, or a due date, contact the crysophylos. cryso
Using Omega: If you have questions about paying your bill, contact Omega Financial, Inc. and be sure to reference "TKE at Georgia Tech". info@betapitke.org
Alumni Association and Events: Please refer all matters pertaining to the alumni association and events to the alumni association coordinator. alumni
Alumni News and Information: Please refer all alumni news matters and information requests to the histor. histor
Resume System: Any questions about uploading or viewing undergraduate or alumni resumes are currently assigned to the grammateus. In the future, another officer may take this assignment. However, the e-mail address for inquiries will not change. resume
Risk Management Issues including allegations of improper conduct by members: Refer these issues to the chapter advisor. chapadv
Legal Issues: Refer all legal issues having to do with the chapter corporations to the Board of Trustees. trustees
Major Property Issues: Refer major property issues such as zoning, code, or parking issues to the Board of Trustees trustees
Academic Issues: Issues related to academic programming or to the academic performance of the Chapter or of its undergraduate members are handled by the faculty advisor.


Philanthropy: To provide opportunities, make donations for philanthropy, or ask questions. philanthropy
Property Inspections or Materials Delivery: Refer issues having to deal with house or kitchen inspections or with the delivery of equipment to the property to the resident advisor. resadv
Moving into the House: For information about the availability of space for rent in the Chapter House, contact the pylortes. pylo
Verification of Residence: For verification that a person (or you) lived in the Chapter House and paid his bills on time, contact the chapter advisor. chapadv
Web Site: Any comments or questions about the site go to the site administrator. siteadmin
All Else: For anything else, including requests for general information about the Chapter and press releases... contact

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Write: "TKE House", 159 5th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-2511
E-mail: contact "at" betapitke.org