The pledge program at the Beta Pi is designed to ensure that each initiate:Jay Gardner

  • understands the history and workings of the Chapter and of TKE National
  • is thoroughly indoctrinated into the traditions of TKE at Georgia Tech and understands how they contribute to the strength of the Chapter
  • is familiar with all the active members and with the other pledges
  • understands and accepts his responsibilities towards the Chapter, especially regarding finances and risk management
  • demonstrates willingness to do his share of the work necessary to maintain the Chapter
  • understands the basics of time management, study skills, and personal finances

Each meeting will include:

  • An educational presentation* - topics for each week are in the pledge manual
  • Evaluation of mastery of previously assigned material (a quiz)
  • Discussion of other business of interest to pledges
  • Opportunity for feedback from you about the Chapter and the pledge program
  • Gavel - a time to speak your mind freely

*The educational portion only of each meeting is open to brothers except for invited guests.

The photo at right shows the Hegemon, or pledge trainer, Jay Gardner.



2. Athletics
3. Development
4. Events
5. Parties
6. Philanthropy
7. Projects
8. Rush
9. Trips

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