Do You Know the Provenance of this Object?

"TKE" Bible

A Bible found its way into a brother’s hands while he lived at the TKE House. Though he did not know its significance, he has kept it safe ever since.

Can you explain how it came to be at 159 5th Street?

It’s the size of a modern paperback book. The cover is white. A small metal TKE crest has been affixed to the middle of the front cover. Some of the pages are flecked with red candle wax.  The first page implies that it was produced to give to newly married couples but, of course, this particular copy was not.

It is a copy of the original King James Version of 1611.  An examination of several verses shows that it is not the New American Standard Version.

Since the days of house mother Lomie Jetton, the chapter has used a large, beautifully bound and illustrated bible.

Could this copy be from an earlier day–the chapter’s original, perhaps?

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