Eric Broadwell Encourages You to Check Your Heart

Frater Eric Broadwell (798, BAE ’85) has led an active lifestyle all his life.  From playing with Tech’s travel soccer team as an undergrad to recently completing 2 ironmans and 5 half ironmans. At age 52, Eric exercised regularly and was trim and fit. In fact,  in a recent half ironman, he defeated frater Mike Smith (711) by two minutes and more than 60% of the 3000 field at age 52.

He was the last person who expected to end up in the hospital with life-threatening heart issues.

During an event a few weeks ago, Eric noticed his heart racing. He became dizzy. He pulled himself out of the race and went to the hospital where he learned that his heart at been working at 243 beats/minute for the previous 2 hours. Doctors determined that the right side of his heart was enlarged and that he suffered arterial blockage.

Eric was alive because he was in shape and he discovered his condition in a time and place where he could get treatment.

Within a few days, Eric underwent quadruple open heart bypass surgery and numerous other procedures to eliminate the malfunctioning areas of his heart. A defibrillator now rests under his skin on the left shoulder.

Frater Broadwell is recovering well and has even gotten back on the stationary bike to help in his recovery.

Many fraters have heart issues–one well known to all of us had open heart surgery at age 43. Eric encourages everyone to pay attention to his heart and to ask his doctor for a referral to have a simple non-invasive test called an echocardiogram (sonogram of the heart).

If you have questions or want to contact Eric call him anytime at 678-520-7337.