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The major campus events in the Greek Community at Tech are Homecoming in the fall and Greek Week in the spring.  These events are important to the Chapter because we use them to bind our large organization together and to push ourselves as individuals to levels of commitment rarely experienced by anyone outside the Chapter unless you have been to boot camp, perhaps.  No campus pep rally or Residence Hall Council event can come close.   The level of intensity in the Chapter is extraordinary, especially as Teke goes for the championship each spring in Greek Week.

Nothing represents the spirit of our Chapter better than our efforts leading up to the annual Tug of War, which we have won every year since 1996 on our way to Greek Week championships every year since 1997.   Although only 14 men can represent the Chapter in the event, over one third of the members train for the team and everybody  is pitside on the day of the event to cheer our guys on.  

There is also a long tradition of abundant musical talent in the Chapter that reveals itself every fall during Mock Rock and every spring during Greek Sing.  TKE brings down the house with huge displays of singing, song-writing, playing, and dancing talent brought together through long hours of practice late into the night ... and nobody  can do it like the Teke House can.

Training for weeks for Tug, Mock Rock, or Greek Sing, working steadfastly in the cold to complete the Homecoming Display or our entry in the contraption division of the annual Ramblin' Reck parade -- doing these things while enrolled in classes or holding down a co-op job, doing whatever it takes. This is the true Tech tradition and we keep it at TKE.



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