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TKE Life at Georgia Tech is a residential experience.

Living and working together in our house is part of what makes us different from other fraternities at Tech and other chapters in TKE.

Most members move in at the beginning of the sophomore year, as soon as they can get out of their dorm contracts.  We expect members to remain in the Chapter House until they graduate. This is an essential part of being a Teke at Georgia Tech.

The Facilities

Social Quarters New Paint and Windows Fall 2012

TKE Beta-Pi’s property includes four contiguous lots on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. The land is owned by the chapter’s Board of Trustees. The Social Quarters sits on the Northwest corner of 5th Street and Techwood Drive, facing South on 5th.

The dormitory sits to the North of the Social Quarters to which it is connected by a corridor on the East end of the property, running North-South along Techwood. The buildings and corridor thus form a U-shape open to the West. The Western end of the property contains a regulation volleyball court, a deck (partially covered) and a basketball quartercourt. The entire property slopes gently from East to West.

As well as being a place to live, work, and party, the House is also the center of much activity concerned with its maintenance and improvement, a feature of TKE life at Tech since 1948.

The Social Quarters contains a conference/study room,a billiards/darts room, a TV room, our kitchen, an apartment for the resident advisor, men’s and women’s bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a two-story great hall, which is used for dining, meeting, studying, and parties. This building was completed in 1994 and has been refurbished several times since, most recently in 2012.

Satellite View of the Teke House at Georgia Tech

Satellite View of the Teke House at Georgia Tech from Before the Rebuilding of 2012

The Dormitory stands behind the Social Quarters and is connected to it by corridors on two stories. The House will hold sixty-three people in its dormitory wing.

The dormitory was built in 1972, substantially modified in 1988, renovated in 1995-1996 to house the Irish Olympic Team during the Centennial Summer Games in Atlanta, and completely rebuilt in 2012.

The dormitory is four stories of living and study areas. The ground floor contains a mix of two- and three-man rooms with five men sharing a bath. The three upper floors contain two-man rooms with four men sharing a bath. Baths are designed so that the sink, toilet and shower can all be used simultaneously. All rooms have heating and air-conditioning, cable TV, and two ethernet ports facilitating Internet connectivity through Georgia Tech’s EastNet. Wireless ethernet is available throughout the property. Four washers and four dryers are located in the Social Quarters. Use is “free” for members.

Members are in charge of keeping their rooms, bathrooms and floors clean. The maintenance and improvement of our facilities is a tradition going back over 60 years at TKE and is also a social activity as brothers are always working on their rooms together or on the public spaces.

All outside doors and bedroom doors have punch-code locks.   Combinations on outside doors are changed roughly twice each term with notification to members via e-mail.  Because Georgia Tech is located in midtown Atlanta, theft is a real problem all over campus and all residents are advised to keep their bedroom doors locked when they are not present. No member may install his own lock–the House Manager must have access to all rooms.

The House is fully sprinkled and alarmed. There are smoke detectors in each room, pull stations in each stairwell, and fire extinguishers located in the halls on each floor.

The Board of Trustees maintains insurance for the property of the Chapter and its Board. However, residents must provide insurance for their belongings. This is usually obtained through the parents’ homeowner’s policy.