Ongoing Major Renovations

The BOT is currently in the middle of the ultimate major round of rebuilding at the TKE House. The work is planned in 2 phases. Phase 1 construction was accomplished from January to August, 2012. Phase 2 will begin when alumni support for construction is secured.

Size Comparison – Old and New

Phase 1 features include:

  • Complete rebuilding from the ground up of the old dormitory, first built as an apartment building in 1972. The new building sits in the footprint of the old
  • Straight, broad, brightly lit galleries run along the south side of the building, replacing the dark, narrow, twisty corridors.
  • Creation of two-man rooms with high ceilings for built-in lofts
  • Bathrooms shared by two bedrooms, designed so that sink, shower and toilet can be used simultaneously
  • All rooms are wired with co-ax and cat-5. Wireless is also available throughout the dormitory and the social quarters.
  • Remote controlled HVAC
  • Programmable punch locks on all bedroom doors and exterior doors
  • Security cameras
  • An elevator (for ADA)
  • New water retention area under the basketball court instead of in a pond on the corner of the property
  • Huge new outside cooking/serving counter
  • Paving the courtyard and installing doors in the social quarters that open directly onto it
  • Movement of the dumpster from Techwood
  • Restriping the parking places in the alley
  • Replacement of all the windows in the social quarters with double pane windows
  • Repainting of the social quarters inside and out
  • 15 temporary bed spaces were created on the ground floor of the dormitory in order to increase revenue from the building and to support the Chapter’s function as a residential experience for all its members. This area will be repurposed during Phase 2 and those spaces moved.
Housing capacity after Phase 1 is 63.

Phase 2 is the expansion of the social quarters to include more social areas and more bed spaces to bring housing capacity into the 70s. The social quarters will be expanded upward two stories and the courtyard enclosed to create one great building.

TKE Beta-Pi as it will be after Phase 2 (Blimp may be omitted in final design)


At first glance, the proposed building looks different from the existing two buildings.  However, the new building will sit squarely on our existing foundations with the addition of the enclosure of the courtyard to create a new Great Hall oriented South-North.

Some of the design criteria include:

  • Let quality drive quantity instead of the other way around.  Use high quality materials.  Spend money in building to lower the cost to the undergrads of operating the building.
  • Design for resource efficiency – energy and water.   Use passive systems were possible.
  • Be ready for solar when it’s practical.
  • House the entire chapter except for a few members still living in the dormitories.  (This is contrary to the trend in Greek design.)
  • Keep 2-man rooms for most underclassmen with some 1-man options for upperclassmen.
  • Present a facade worthy of being “Georgia Tech’s Front Door” and that is a tribute to over sixty years of achievement at Georgia Tech.

Renderings of the Current Design – These will load in a new window.  You might have to click on the image to enlarge it.