Upcoming Major Renovation

The BOT is in the programming phase of the design process for the next round of renovations at the Chapter House.   Renovation will proceed in two phases.

Phase I will see us rebuilding the dormitory, or “North House”.  The new dormitory will include four stories of updated two-man rooms.  Loft spaces for two full-size mattresses will be built in.  Baths will be shared between two rooms. Phase I will begin in January 2012 or January 2013, depending on membership and finances.

This rendering depicts the property at the end of Phase II, which will include the addition of floors to the social quarters.   Most space in the existing social quarters will be repurposed and more living and social space will added.  Phase II will begin as soon as practicable after Phase I–mostly likely three to five years depending on the performance of the collegiate organization and our success at fundraising among the alumni.

Depiction of the Property after Phase II Renovations (Blimp may be omitted from final design.)

At first glance, the proposed building looks different from the existing two buildings.  However, the new building will sit squarely on our existing foundations with the addition of the enclosure of the courtyard to create a new Great Hall oriented South-North.

Some of the design criteria include:

  • Let quality drive quantity instead of the other way around.  Use high quality materials.  Spend money in building to lower the cost to the undergrads of operating the building.
  • Design for resource efficiency – energy and water.   Use passive systems were possible.
  • Be ready for solar when it’s practical.
  • Design with recyling in mind.
  • House the entire chapter except for a few members still living in the dormitories.  (This is contrary to the trend in Greek design.)
  • Keep 2-man rooms for most underclassmen with some 1-man options for upperclassmen.
  • Present a facade worthy of being “Georgia Tech’s Front Door” and that is a tribute to over sixty years of achievement at Georgia Tech.

Get used to using the names “South House” and “North House” to describe our property since “Social Quarters” and “Dorm” will no longer apply.  Both building will house members and contain chapter space.

Renderings of the Current Design – These will load in a new window.  You might have to click on the image to enlarge it.

Some photographs of Phase I!


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