Finishing a Busy Spring at TKE Beta-Pi

Tekes Winning Greek Sing 2011

It’s been a busy semester!  The undergrads have won Greek Week 2011, including Greek Sing.   Check out the video on YouTube and just get by the giggling.  They pulled off a major spring outdoor concert,  “Tekestock”,  at the House, hosting nine local bands.   The undergrads and board cooperated to create a monthly dinner speaker event at the house, feature notable Chapter alumni.  Recruiting has gone well this year and the House will be full in the fall.  If the undergrads reproduce this year’s recruiting performance, we’ll be looking at a 90+ man juggernaut next year.

Speaking of juggernauts, reconstruction of the Chapter House will occur.  It’s only a matter of time now.  The Board has settled on construction in two phases beginning with the old dormitory–known as “The North House” from now on–and has engaged The Laurus Group to conduct the campaign.   Updated drawings are posted on the facilities|upcoming major renovations page of the website.  The only major difference from these drawings will be that the North House reconstruction will include bed spaces on the first floor.   This will enable us to house most eligible undergraduates between phases and will generate more cash, which will then be turned back into construction.   When we move to phase 2, the first floor of the North House will be cleared and we will create a real teaching kitchen in that space.

Finally, the Board sponsored the first T-Day Tailgate at the Chapter House.  Despite it being Easter weekend, we had a good mix of old and young alumni at the House.  This will be our annual spring event from now on.

The spring newsletter will come out in the next two weeks and will include more details on these accomplishments and events, member spotlights, dates to save, etc.   If you don’t receive the newsletter, go to the “Keep in Touch” page and update your information with the Laurus Group.