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Every possible line of research must be uses diligently explored. The meeting has developed no evidence of any mg future struggle, and we hear of no more talk about it. Means which is little thought of by a majority uf the victims; and the daily nse of alcoholic drinks assists this more than any other Time would fail me to deal with all the causes of disease which arise from a want of proper knowledge among the people of the first principles of domestic hygiene, and of the evUs whiich follow from a non-removal of the products of excietioq, and the retention within ourselves and our price houses of those deadly poisons which are manufactured by the human frame in the act of living. The fraction in effects use at the London Hospital is being applied to the treatment of diseases of the skin and of malignant diseases of the uterus. The shadow was two there and one-half inches in length, one and one-half inches in width at its widest portion, irregular in outline, and, from its density, I estimated it to be about one-half inch in thickness. I asked him if he had followed my advice, cost and he replied that he had not. Macnamara, is It may add to the interest of Dr. In none of these do they side help us in treatment, diagnosis, or prognosis. The case was that of a woman aged forty-two years, who had her first attack of fever just tw T elve months before she consulted the above-named physician: migraines. I know of no recorded case in which the air manufacturer found post-mortem was measured except that which I have reported above, of Hervieux. This classification seems now to be accepted as the best, and has been adopted by Dr. The possibility generic that the disease is due to a rickettsia is not mentioned. From I 80 made an examination of Ihe lungs with the following result.

Examination revealed a sacculated aneurism of the ascending aorta, with perforation of the chest walls, unattended by anxiety atheroma or cardiac hypertrophy. The omniscient legislator, seeing the force of both these" positions", will find himself inderal in a dilemma. Cough and bronchitis, when the attack of croup supervened. In many instaDoea, weeks la have elapsed before the existence of widely prevalent and preventable diseases has becozie known to any efficient sanitary anthoritj;. Lipaemia, increase of tho ketone bodies in the blood, reduction of tho bicarbonate reserve, topoUior with hyperpnoea and mental xl disturbances, are all symptoms of great importance and frequently are foi-eruunci-s of disastrous results. By means of tests applied at the Medical Research Laboratory at Mineola, Long Island, and at the branch laboratories in the various flying schools throughout this country and overseas, fliers are being classified as fitted for low, moderate, and high altitudes, night-flying, and other The" Maintenance" of physical efficiency of the fighting force is the supreme function of the Air Medical Service. There is no covering ap of the buy fracture or injured joint. To do all that was here pointed out as desirable, it was obvious that psychiatrists must be emancipated from much of the administrative work which was now In conclusion Dr (vs). If large drops stand on the inside after two minutes the tube needs cleaning. Further observation does not show that cardiacs will overdo themselves later in consequence of their recreational satisfactions while for in the convalescent home.


There are very few cases of organic disease, sufficient to disturb the mental functions, which do not cause also changes in the optic disc or which we have notes, we find that about two thirds present unmistakable affections of the optic nerve.


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