Interested in Alumni Block Seating for Football?

The GT group sales office has provided the following offer. If you are interested, respond to Dave Adcock and he’ll see what he can set up.

->Best value in almost a decade at a $249 base price in premium sections.
->Special $199 and $175 season price points in the upper sideline corners and gold zone respectively.
-> Tickets will go on sale Wednesday afternoon and a number of organizations are already lining up to secure blocks in these specially priced areas.
-> Normally a price drop means a drop in the number of games as well, but we maintain a 7 game home schedule.

$325 per ticket Section 104 and 108
$275 per ticket Section 224L, 225 and 226L
$225 per ticket Section 103, 109, 124, 127, 204L and 205L
$200 per ticket Section 204U and 205U
$175 per ticket Section 224U and 226U
$125 per ticket Section 110, 123, 128, 203L, 206L, 223L and 227L
$100 per ticket Section 102, 122, 223U and 227U
$75 per ticket Section 129, 203U and 206U

No TECH Fund Section 101, 111, 121, 130-132, 201-202, 207-208, 210-219, 221-222, 228-229