Jeff Burns Launches Southern Nice

My inspiration truly came from wanting to spread a positive message…

Frater Jeff Burns has created Southern Nice, a line of casual apparel and accessories designed to appeal to all Southerners–natives, transplants and visitors–not just to those that fit the stereotype.

Jeff Burns - Founder of Southern Nice

“Southerners are regarded as some of the nicest/friendliest people in the country,” Jeff wrote, “and I wanted to highlight that personality of the South, not the sweet tea and magnolias.

“I was inspired to start the company while in Mass on a Sunday evening. I wanted something that could be worn on shirts that would spread a positive message, so I went home and listed out tons of words and sayings before settling on Southern Nice–it was a phrase I had grown up hearing.

“I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to work around making logos, suggesting rolling hills or the ocean (small ripples) and a moon or sunset, but leaving it up to the customer to see it as what they liked.  I spent weeks testing logos and designs, color schemes, etc on family and friends. Then I bought the domain name and used a WordPress template to create the site.

“However, the first supplier I tried was a disaster!  After 3 weeks and no product, I looked for a company that could supply quickly and found Icebox here in Atlanta.

“Southern Nice offers a variety of t-shirts featuring the skylines of different cities–I wanted the shirts to be indicative of the Modern Southerner, to highlight the vibrancy of the New South, to connect to all the people and cities, and I hope to have a shirt for each major city in the next couple years.  We also offer croakies and koozies featuring the Southern Nice theme and I have launched a blog with sections on music, food, and entertainment from the South.

“In each city we feature, we connect with a local charity and donate 50% of the net profits from sales of that city’s shirt to it.  For example, in Nashville, we help support Hands On Nashville. I have many ideas on how to get the name out there around charities and I’ve even started two other arms of the company. These are still works in progress!

“My inspiration truly came from wanting to spread a positive message.  I believe that even just a passing glance at the shirt can subconsciously make a person want to be nicer. It’s spreading a good thought and representing the Southern kindness behind it.”

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