Joel Fehrman raises almost $5,000 in the Palmetto Peleton

Maggie and Joel Fehrman and Joel's Mother at the Palmetto Peleton

Frater Joel Fehrman recently participated in the Palmetto Peloton Project’s Stars & Stripes Challenge in Greenville, South Carolina.  He was the top fundraiser overall with nearly $5,000 raised from 82 donors.  All in all, over 400 riders raised more than $210,000 for cancer research.

“I rode two hard laps of the Time Trial course and finished the 14 miles in about 43 minutes,” Joel wrote.  “My pace was over 18.5 mph, which is significantly faster than I have ever ridden before.  I was then humbled by the pro riders who averaged about 30 mph, so I’ll be keeping my day job.  The time trial was a great warm up for the charity ride on Sunday.  The number of riders was incredible.

“I accomplished my 2 goals for the ride, which were to finish in under 2 hours–my total time was 1 hour, 44 minutes–and to climb all the tough hills without getting off the bike.  The ‘challenge’ hill lived up to its name and most riders were pushing their bikes when I arrived, but I dug deep and pedaled through it.  I finished with an overall pace of 16 mph, which was better than my training rides in the hilly Smyrna/Vinings area.”

Because he was the top fundraiser for the event, Joel received a special jersey after some kind words about his mother’s battle with cancer and the difference that research has made in her treatment.  Also he and his wife Maggie are being sent to Maine in October to participate in Patrick Dempsey’s charity ride (  Maggie is excited about getting to see her TV heartthrob in person and Joel is looking forward to finishing several minutes ahead of him on the course.

Joel anticipates participating again next year and recruiting a few friends to take part as well.

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