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Initiation: A Beginning, not an End

In the past, in most Greek organizations including our own, initiation was thought of as a "rite of passage", a means by which one proved he was worthy of membership and desired it. After initiation, one was "in" no matter what because initiation was the sole qualification to membership. That is no longer the case at TKE Beta-Pi.

Initiation, like pledging, is a mutual agreement between the Chapter and a prospective member. An offer of initiation signifies that the Chapter believes that a candidate is compatible with the existing membership and is able and willing to fulfill the requirements of membership. To accept initiation is to accept the obligation to fulfill those requirements.

Initiation is a significant event marked by the most important ritual of the Chapter. It is followed by several days of activities, some educational, some revelational, some purely fun...all intended to complete the new member's integration into the Chapter. All activities stay within the limits set by TKE and Georgia Tech regarding hazing.

No event of initiation is secret but many are private. You are free to share the nature and general content of any activity that is part of Teke life so long as you do not reveal anything personal that was said by any participant under an assumption of confidence.

After a new member's records have been updated with TKE International, he receives the badge of membership, an example of which is pictured at right. The skull and crossbones are a reminder to carpe diem ("seize the day") and be mindful of our actions because none of us lives forever but our deeds live on after us.

The Legalities

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