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A bid is an invitation to pledge yourself to a fraternity, to become a candidate for membership. At Georgia Tech, a bid can be given and accepted at any time; there is no "bid day" at the end of formal rush like there is at some universities. Although most bids are granted during rush, this is only because that's when most new people show up at the houses.

Each chapter at Tech has its own rules for deciding whether to grant a person a bid. Some have small committees that act on behalf of the chapter. Others require a discussion and vote by the membership, the percentage to pass being set by each chapter. Each chapter also has its own criteria for deciding to whom to grant bids, depending on what each chapter is looking for in a new member.

TKE is going to ask itself whether you seem compatible with the existing members, so that those lifelong friendships are likely to form, and whether you appear willing and able to fulfill the responsibilities of membership. We are not looking for any set type of person, but rather any individual who we feel will make our chapter a better and stronger fraternity.

A bid is written on paper and is normally presented to the person being invited by a group of member who feel they know the "rushee" well. They will answer any questions you have about membership and give you an opportunity to call your parents.

Most bids that are accepted are accepted on the spot but, if you need a day or two to think it over and weigh your alternatives, that's OK. However, because candidates move through the education process and initiation in groups at TKE, a bid is good only for a short time, usually until the candidate class is formally pledged and ready to begin its education together.

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