The Mandatory Meal Plan

Chef Steve working with an Undergrad in the Kitchen

Taking meals together is an essential part of the TKE life at Georgia Tech. In a large, diverse chapter such as ours, dinners especially are an important daily reminder that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. Dinners are the focal point of evening activities. “Let’s get together after dinner,” is a common thing to hear.

Our meal plan runs throughout the year, even during summer term, and participation is mandatory for all members.

Since meals are so important to us, they ought to be good tasting and nutritious so TKE Beta-Pi doesn’t have a traditional “frat house cook” who would fry jello; we have a chef who was trained in culinary school and who has owned and managed restaurants in Italy and the United States. Our chef, Steve Hewins, buys as little as possible prepared. Instead he shops for fresh ingredients. He exposes us to a level of dining that few college students enjoy anywhere, certainly not in a fraternity house. If Steve cooked a grilled cheese sandwich, it would be a sandwich fit for the Queen of Belgium.

As part of our two-a-week work program, some members choose and some are assigned kitchen duty: food prep, room setup, or cleanup. Members and candidates who are interested in learning their way around a kitchen find a welcoming and patient tutor in our chef.

Like most significant operational improvements made in the Chapter over the years, the year-round mandatory meal plan that features nutritious food and offers the possibility of practical training for members is the brainchild of, was established and is monitored by the alumni trustees and advisers.