Working on and around The House has been part of Teke life at Georgia Tech since 1948.   The members of almost every generation can recall some major projects on which they worked with other Tekes.

“Two-a-week” is our program of house maintenance and repair and kitchen work intended to:

  • teach members the skills needed to maintain and repair the place in which they live
  • teach members the basic kitchen skills needed to prepare healthy good-tasting meals for themselves and friends
  • cross-train all members in the knowledge and skills needed to run the organization
  • encourage respect for the property and for work
  • promote interactions among members
  • hold down the cost of housing and meals for members
  • indicate pride in the organization and the character in its members
Tekes Sifting Sand on the Volleyball Court During the Annual Work Week

Tekes Sifting Sand on the Volleyball Court During the Annual Work Week

“Two-a-week” is every member giving two hours each week to do the work needed to support the organization:  routine cleaning and maintenance, repair, help preparing meals, setting for dinner, cleaning the kitchen, or helping an officer with his work.

Participation is a sign of good character and of support for The Fraternity, not just the members that happen to be friends, but the organization that promoted the growth of those friendships in the first place.

Like most significant operational improvements made in the Chapter over the years, the two-a-week program is the brainchild of, was established and is monitored by the alumni trustees and advisers.