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Chapter Initiates Nineteen.
Scroll reaches one thousand three hundred nineteen names.
Roster tops eighty-five.

Atlanta, Georgia, November 19, 2005 - The Beta-Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity initiated nineteen candidates on Sunday, November 13th, 2005. Prytanis Ian Stewart presided. Board of Advisors member David Adcock supervised and helped with ritual review. This initiation ensures that the Chapter will remain at full strength and the Chapter House full through fall semester 2006. The names, scroll numbers and hometowns of the new members are:

Nate Raines, (Beta-Pi 1301, Augusta, GA)
Nick Jennings (Beta-Pi 1302, West Chester, PA)
Chris Tan (Beta-Pi 1303, Augusta, GA)
Bart Perkins (Beta-Pi 1304, Cumming, GA)
Greg Gallagher (Beta-Pi 1305, Franklin, MA)
Andy Love (Beta-Pi 1306, Stockbridge, GA)
Spencer McLeod (Beta-Pi 1307, Marietta, GA)
John Ianelli (Beta-Pi 1308, Andover, MA)
Brian Kobler (Beta-Pi 1309, Columbia, MD)
Kevin Savage (Beta-Pi 1310, Tampa, FL)
Pearce Matthews (Beta-Pi 1311, Snellville, GA)
Jake Hinton (Beta-Pi 1312, Locust Grove, GA)
Brendan O’Leary (Beta-Pi 1313, Essex Junction, VT)
Manuel Jiminez (Beta-Pi 1314, Costa Rica)
Steve Iarocci (Beta-Pi 1315, Londonderry, NH)
Tyler Anderson (Beta-Pi 1316, Roswell, GA)
Jeremy Ku (Beta-Pi 1317, Marietta, GA)
Chris Colross (Beta-Pi 1318, Gaithersburg, MD)
Jack Gardner (Beta-Pi 1319, Gainesville, GA)

For more information, contact John Nickerson, TKE beta-pi chapter historian at histor "at" betapitke.org

Szymon Swistun Featured in US News & World Report Article

Atlanta, Georgia, November 24, 2005 - Szymon Swistun, beta-pi 1218, was featured in a review of Georgia Tech in a US News & World Report Article on "America's Best Colleges". A link to the USN&WR article through the Ivan Allen College website is : http://www.iac.gatech.edu/news/NN_article.pdf.

Szymon is a professional software developer living in Orlando, Florida, where he creates software to support graphical computer gaming; he just finished work on the rendering side of Madden '06 for the Xbox 360. Szymon's personal website is http://egosoftware.net/swistun/index.html.

Szymon is also featured in "Landing the Internship or Full-time Job during College" by Robert Peterson.

Officers' Retreat and Twenty-fourth Prytanis Dinner Held

Atlanta, Georgia, November 20, 2005 - BOA members Karl Paul, David Adcock, and Michael Smith presented at and moderated an officers' retreat Sunday afternoon at the "Chip" Roberts Alumni-Faculty house on North Avenue in Atlanta. The Chapter was founded in the facility in 1948.

Topics covered included a historical overview to help the undergrads understand the changing nature of the challenges facing the Chapter and the origins of some of the "baggage" the organization carries now, a review of the gap analysis conducted last spring, a review of risk management standards and current administration sanctions against the Chapter, leadership and change management techniques, and ethical decision making. The retreat lasted for six hours and ended with a review of officers' duties and plans for goal setting.

Afterwards, Ian Stewart was treated to the twenty-fourth Beta-Pi prytanis dinner at the Outback Steakhouse on Lavista Road in Atlanta.

For further information, contact Michael Smith, chapter advisor at chapadv "at" betapitke.org.

Tekes Help with Katrina Cleanup Effort

Atlanta, Georgia, October 27, 2005 - During their Fall Break, six beta-pi Tekes journeyed to the New Orleans area to help clean homes damaged by floods caused by Hurricane Katrina. Ian Stewart, John Nickerson, Michael Morello, Chad Patterson, Brett Cupta, and Mark Ladisch left for Metairie, Louisiana, a region just north of New Orleans on Friday, October 14th.

The trip, named "Geaux to the Gulf", was sponsored and organized by Georgia Tech’s Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF). Students who joined in on the trip slept on church floors between pews and were provided warm, home-cooked food by members of the church. The church had a list of about 2,000 homes in the surrounding areas that needed either repairs or to be cleared of their former occupants' personal property.

Tekes helped clean up five houses in three days in Metairie, Kenner, the Upper 9th Ward, and St. Bernard’s Parish. Michael Morello remarked, “although you see pictures in the newspapers and on television, you really don’t realize what people have lost until you get down there and see people’s belongings destroyed."

The groups on the trip also took driving tours around the New Orleans area to view the extent of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. “One of the biggest surprises I had was the sheer number of houses destroyed. It’s not a neighborhood or a few blocks of houses. There are thousands of homes that will have to be completely demolished in order to rebuild,” said John Nickerson.

Fortunately, there was time for a little fun since, in addition to helping with the relief effort, the Tekes got a little relief of their own during a short visit to the French Quarter.

All things considered, the Tekes felt that spending their fall break helping with the clean-up of New Orleans was a positive experience.

For more information, contact John Nickerson, TKE beta-pi chapter historian at gtg970a "at" mail.gatech.edu.

TKE Helps Raise $2,000 for Children’s Miracle Network

Atlanta, Georgia, September 28, 2005 - On September 24, the Beta-Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity teamed with Alpha Xi Delta Sorority at Georgia Tech to host the chapter’s second annual charity volleyball tournament to benefit the Atlanta chapter of Children’s Miracle Network. The tournament raised $2,000 for charity through raffle sales and registration fees. Children’s Miracle Network - Atlanta raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit pediatric healthcare organizations. CHOA is recognized for excellence in cardiology, cancer treatment, transplant services, and many other pediatric specialties.

The tournament was organized by Ian Stewart (TKE) and Sarah Myers (AZD). Play began at 10:00 a.m. Saturday at the TKE Chapter House at 159 5th Street, NW, in Atlanta and lasted the entire day with the championship game beginning at 8:00 p.m. Local radio stations 99X and 95.5 “The Beat” entertained guests throughout the day by giving away prizes such as concert tickets, t-shirts, and movie passes. Sysco, Papa John’s, and Giorgio’s Pizzeria provided lunch and dinner for the contestants, who also received a complimentary t-shirt for signing up. Kelly’s Auto Care made a $150 donation directly to the cause.

TKE introduced several new features to the tournament this year, beginning with the joint organization with Alpha Xi Delta. Also new this year was the raffling of prizes between games. Sold for $1 apiece, raffle tickets helped generate almost $400 for the Children’s Miracle Network. Prizes include gift certificates provided by local enterprises including Nikimoto’s, Little Azio’s, Jake’s Ice Cream, Helmet Hairworks, Acapulco, Engineer’s Book Store, Atlanta Rocks, Blu Door, Bobby and June’s Kountry Kitchen, El Amigo, and Ribs ‘n’ Blues. At day’s end, three Cingular cell phones and two Apple iPod nanos were raffled off as grand prizes.

As well as raising money for a great cause, the tournament also provided a means for fourteen Greek organizations at Georgia Tech to come together to have a good time and to further a worthy cause.

For additional information, e-mail Ian Stewart, TKE Beta-Pi Chapter philanthropy coordinator, at gtg209i "at" mail.gatech.edu.

Chapter Incorporates Separately from the Board of Trustees

Atlanta, Georgia, August 15 2005 - On August 3, the undergraduate TKE chapter at Georgia Tech incorporated separately from its Board of Trustees. The BOT corporation had served as both chapter and housing entity for decades. The separate incorporations reflect the dual nature of alumni involvement with the Chapter.

This action had been contemplated for over two years. The BOT, long known as "TKE of Georgia", received responsibility for the property and facilities, including long range planning for both. The BOT will remain the ultimate authority in matters that affect the long-term viability of the housing or chapter organizations. John Reagan remains the chairman of the BOT.

The chapter corporation, "TKE Beta-Pi Chapter", will be directed by a Board of Advisors (BOA). Its responsibility is to deliver membership development services to the undergraduate chapter and to work with the Chapter's executive committee to define and maintain membership quality through standards. The new BOA includes the chapter, faculty, and resident advisors, a representative of the BOT, the current undergraduate prytanis and other members as needed. Any BOA member can become chairman. Michael Smith will hold the office until elections to be held in spring 2006.

Both entities are Georgia not-for-profit corporations under section 501(c)(7) and contributions to them are not tax deductible. Such contributions can be made to either under certain conditions through the TKE Educational Foundation (TEF).

For additional information, e-mail Michael Smith, BOA chairman, at chapadv "at" betapitke.org

Resident Advisor's Apartment Gets Much Needed Renovation

Atlanta, Georgia, August 14, 2005 - Armed with a grant from the Board of Trustees, resident advisor Mark Cupta this summer completed a complete renovation of the old resident advisor's apartment. Mark began by repainting all the walls and then moved on to replacing all the carpet and (finally) putting some linoleum down in the kitchen and in the bathroom. No more brown concrete!

Mark also replaced the stove and the refrigerator and the blinds, updated some of the fixtures and, along with his parents, furnished the place with a sectional couch (from the Salvation Army, of course, but clean), plates and silverware, a table, and a desk. Cabling was updated and made neater and he fixed the bedroom doors. The next advisor will have to show up with little more than a bed.

For additional information, e-mail Mark Cupta, resident advisor, resadv "at" betapitke.org.

5th Street Side of Chapter Property Much Improved

Atlanta, Georgia, August 08, 2005 - Work on the new sidewalk and wall along 5th street should be finished for fall rush. The last of the old "hydraulic" hexagonal sidewalk pavers are gone, replaced by a more attractive sidewalk and a (soon to be) green strip along the curb. More important however is the wall that somewhat encloses the downhill side of the property, which was built while preserving all the trees we have planted on that end of the property over the last twelve years. We hope this will improve our control of access to the House. 5th Street itself should be repaved before fall.


The path leading from the sidewalk to our front door now has an additional step in it and, alas, the last of the group of elms that once stood there was felled. However, this does remove from our concerns that little planter that seemed doomed forever to be trampled during every event at the Chapter House. All of the blockwork done a few years ago by the undergrads has been preserved as have the elm and the gingko planted during the early 1980s.




Work on the new deck, an undergrad project, should also be completed in time for fall rush. The new deck is built on much sounder footings than the old and, although we have lost the side along 5th Street, the new deck extends back towards the alley over the retention pond. It is designed to allow access to the pond for cleaning.

It will be good to return to the days when alumni visiting the House found that something had improved after their graduation!

For additional information, e-mail Brett Cupta, Chapter president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Delegates Attend Conclave

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 31, 2005 - TKE Beta-Pi sent five men to the 53rd biannual Conclave held July 28-31 in New Orleans. The Conclave met at the Fairmont Hotel, one block north of Bourbon Street on the west side of Canal. Brett Cupta, Rob Sanford, Carlos Tan, Pete Creighton, and Mike Plachta drove seven hours in a van from Atlanta. Chapter Advisor Michael Smith flew from Charlotte. BOA member David Adcock flew from Atlanta.

The Conclave elected Mark Fite of the Delta-Xi Chapter at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as the new Grand Prytanis.

For additional information, e-mail Brett Cupta, Chapter president, contact "at" betapitke.org.


New Wall and Deck Near Completion

Atlanta, Georgia, July 26, 2005 - Work on the new wall continues. The wall fronts 5th Street but turns at the property line and runs back almost to the alley behind the House now.

Unfortunately, the construction necessitated the annihilation of the old deck, built during the mid- & late-1990s but that is being replace by the Chapter with a new deck built on better footings and of more durable materials. The work should be complete in time for fall rush.

For additional information, e-mail Brett Cupta, Chapter president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

Construction Continues on the New Wall

Atlanta, Georgia, July 1, 2005 - In exchange for a few feet of TKE property to use to widen the sidewalk on 5th Street in front of the Chapter House, Tech is building an attractive wall at the lower end of the property that will finally enable the Chapter to control access properly. The style of the wall matches that of other walls built across Techwood close to the Interstate.

For additional information, e-mail Brett Cupta, Chapter president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

Massive Round of Database Updates in Progress at TKE Beta-Pi

Atlanta, Georgia, June 6, 2005 - The Chapter's on-line member database was not in bad shape but it could be better. About eight hundred member records were received recently from Georgia Tech and about the same number from TKE National. These are currently being keyed to help the Chapter reach its goal of having good records for at least nine hundred TKE Beta-Pi initiates before the end of summer term 2005. This is fundamental to establishing regular, high quality communications among all members.

The Chapter database in electronic form is about twenty years old. It originated in a paper pamphlet contracted for by the Chapter in 1985. At the time, there were just under nine hundred initiate records. In 1986, these were keyed by Michael Smith (783) into a Borland Excel database (no relationship to the Microsoft spreadsheet package). In the following years, records were added occasionally by undergraduates and the database was ported to various versions of dBase before settling into a Clarion database application. Clarion was a PC-based prototyping and application development tool used in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In the late 1990's, with the widespread availability of Internet access, Eric Smith (1111) created an on-line interface for the database by modifying a PERL script called dbman. This made it possible for all members, not just the Histor, to access the database and apply updates - a major benefit for the entire Chapter. Over the last five years, the PERL script has been expanded to enable members and candidates to run a variety of useful queries.

The Chapter exchanges member record information with TKE National and with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association but does not provide postal or e-mail address lists to other parties, including members. However, members may access individual records and provide updates through links on the "Alumni&Friends" page.

For additional information, e-mail Michael Smith, siteadmin "at" betapitke.org.

New Trophy Cases in the Social Quarters

Atlanta, Georgia, June 1, 2005 - Work is finished on two new trophy cases in the Social Quarters. They were needed because the old ones, built in 1994, were full.

Josh Smith, 1161, played the lead role in planning and executing this project.




For additional information, e-mail Brett Cupta, Chapter president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Begins Round of Improvements: New Volleyball Court Lights Installed

Atlanta, Georgia, May 16, 2005 - Last weekend, the Chapter began a major round of maintenance and improvements by installing new lights to illuminate the volleyball court. The wiring was done through the "remote" ceiling space above the West Porch. Small in size but big in effect, the lights were tested the night after they were installed.

The Chapter is also currently preparing a proposal for improving lighting on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Dormitory. This will likely involve replacing old flush-mounted incandescent fixtures with brighter fluorescent ones.



As well, the floor of the social quarters was cleaned and sealed for the first time in years with some help from the uncle of rush chairman Pete Creighton. This had been needed for some time since the finish on the floor is regularly rubbed off by sand tracked in from the volleyball court.

More maintenance and improvement projects are in store for the summer and fall as the Chapter moves forward agressively into the new school year.



For additional information, e-mail the president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

Widening of Fifth Street Begins

Atlanta, Georgia, May 10, 2005 - After a year's delay, the state is widening Fifth Street from the bridge to the baseball stadium. The Chapter will lose a few feet of property in front of the House but will gain an attractive stone wall topped by a fence on the downhill end of the property. The BOT and Tech agreed to this swap of property for improvements over a year ago when Tech approached all property owners on Fifth Street with the inevitability of the project. The TKE letters embedded in concrete and the new monolith will not be affected. However, the last of the elms on Fifth Street may come down as Tech installs a wide tree-lined sidewalk like others on campus and the end of the deck nearest the street will be taken up. Construction is scheduled to be completed in mid August in time not to interfere with fall rush.

For additional information, e-mail the BOT, trustees "at" betapitke.org.

Mark Cupta Becomes Seventh Beta-Pi TKE Resident Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia, May 10, 2005 - Mark Cupta, #1117, will move into the RA's apartment in the Chapter House in early July, becoming the seventh beta-pi RA. The duties of the advisor were codified by the Board of Trustees during the term of his predecessor, Todd Weiser, #1192, who left in May for military training in Arizona. Among other things, the RA has specific duties related to maintenance and safety. He also acts as the agent of the Board of Trustees of the Chapter and is fully empowered to intervene to prevent any act that poses unacceptable risks or that may cause legal problems for members or for the Chapter or that represents abuse of the facilities or of Chapter property in his opinion. All residents and guests, including alumni of the Chapter, are expected to cooperate with the Resident Advisor.

The RAs of the Chapter have been, in order, Avery White (mid 1970s), Michael A. Smith (late 1990s), Glen Grastat, Andrew Tebbano, Mark Conlin, Todd Weiser, and Mark Cupta.

For additional information, e-mail the resident advisor, resadv "at" betapitke.org.

Beta-Pi Tekes Abroad

Atlanta, Georgia, May 8, 2005 – This past Spring, Brian Giles, Chad Patterson, Brett Cupta, Ian Stewart, and Tyler Gales participated in the Pacific Study Abroad Program through Georgia Tech's Office of International Education. Under a partnership with Queensland University, Sydney University, Melbourne University, and Victoria University they were able to take four courses while enjoying the culture and cuisine of New Zealand and Australia. All but Tylerenjoyed whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and other activities that were supplemented by the beauty of the Pacific Rim. Foreign beer and women were also indulged in.

In a few weeks, two more undergrads will depart for Europe participating in the Oxford Summer Program. Chris Garrigues will spend June under the LCC Italian Film Studies program at the University of Udine in Gorizia, Italy. Meanwhile, Kevin Leung will be on a bus tour of six countries in Western Europe. In July, both will have residency at Worcester College in Oxford, England.

Helmut Drews has organized his own study abroad this summer. He'll be travelling in Europe for a few weeks before settling down to study German in Germany.

Also in Germany, Philip Deutschler at the end of the summer will end a year long stint studying and working there.

These Tekes are all taking full advantage of a Beta Pi tradition. Memories and stories of studying abroad often fill hours of conversation and gavel talks. Out-of-state students have the additional advantage of receiving in-state
tuition when abroad.

For additional information, e-mail the histor, histor "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Scholarship Policy Modified

Atlanta, Georgia, May 3, 2005 - The BOT modified its scholarship requirements to enable members who do not meet the cumulative GPA requirement for the term to remain in TKE Housing if their term GPA indicates sufficient improvement. That is, .400 above the cumulative requirement. For spring 2005, the cumulative requirement was 2.000 and the term requirement is therefore 2.400. The schedule of requirement increases for the next two years remains unchanged.

For additional information, e-mail Mike Smith, chapadv "at" betapitke.org.

23rd Prytanis Dinner Held

Atlanta, Georgia, May 1, 2005– The 23rd prytanis dinner was held at the Outback Steakhouse on LaVista Road. Pictured at right from left to right: Joel Fehrman, David Adcock, Griffin Fulmer, Brett Cupta (the new prytanis), Jay Gardner, Michael A. Smith, Cameron Moore, and Mark Cupta (not pictured) attended.

Since spring 1994, every new prytanis of the Chapter has been taken to dinner by a collection of ex-presidents (at right) where he receives words of wisdom and assurance as well as a long list of alumni to whom he can turn for advice and support. No prytanis of the Beta-Pi Chapter has had to "reinvent the wheel" for over ten years. This continuity is one of the keys to the Chapter's success.

For additional information, e-mail Mike Smith, chapadv "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Board of Trustees Meets

Atlanta, Georgia, May 1, 2005 – The second TKE beta-pi BOT meeting of spring 2005 semester was held at the Chapter House on Sunday afternoon. Chairman John Reagan called the meeting to order at 300pm. Michael A. Smith, David Adcock, and Cameron Moore also attended for the alumni. Most members of the current Executive Committee and Jay Gardner, ex-prytanis, attended for the undergrads.

Topics discussed included undergrad receivables, cash flow, and summer budgets; and the assigning of specific duties and timelines regarding reforms of chapter recruiting, candidate education, initiation, and member development.

The meeting was adjourned about 430pm. Several alumni remained on the property for another hour to work with undergrads on specific projects.

For additional information, e-mail Mike Smith, chapadv "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Chapter Initiates Twenty-One Candidates

Atlanta, GA, April 23, 2005 - The Beta-Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity today initiated twenty-one candidates from the 2004 fall pledge class. The 2005 spring initiation was conducted with the approval of Georgia Tech, the Chapter alumni, and TKE International Fraternity, according to a schedule proposed by the Chapter, and under the supervision of alumni volunteers. The Chapter will continue to evaluate its member recruitment and development practices during 2005 summer with the purpose of gaining significant long-term competitive advantage within the Greek community at Georgia Tech.

For more information, e-mail Brett Cupta, president, contact "at" betapitke.org.

TKE Beta-Pi Chapter Raises Money for Children’s Miracle Network

Atlanta, Georgia, October 5, 2004 – Over the Labor Day weekend, the Beta-Pi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity raised $1,500 for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) by hosting a volleyball tournament at the Chapter House on the Georgia Tech campus. CMN is a national organization that raises money for pediatric healthcare systems across the country, with special emphasis on cardiology, cancer treatment, and transplant services.

The event had been planned for the entire weekend but the approach of hurricane Frances necessitated a change of plans. Thirty-five teams competed on Sunday in three divisions: male, female, and co-ed. Participants received a t-shirt, lunch and dinner for the day, a chance to win numerous prizes, and the opportunity to do something good by helping out the Children’s Miracle Network. Pool Stick, a band of members of another fraternity on campus played a three-hour set, and exemplified the nature of a tournament that involved member of fifteen different Greek organizations on campus. Local radio stations 99X and 95.5 “The Beat” furnished music and prizes as well.

The tournament is the latest of the Chapter’s successes this fall, which began with the pledging of 27 men during fall rush, one of the largest classes at Georgia Tech, and will continue as the Chapter works to repeat its first place finish in Homecoming.

As well as organizing this tournament, TKE will be participating in numerous philanthropic events as part of Homecoming 2004 including serving at soup kitchens, helping out at the Salvation Army, and keeping kids company at youth centers. Then the Chapter will turn to raising $1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, TKE’s national philanthropy. A charity poker tournament is in the works for later in the fall.

When it comes to philanthropy, Georgia Tech Tekes are there, making an impact.

For additional information e-mail Ian Stewart (gtg209i "at" mail.gatech.edu) or Jeff Burns (gtg899p "at" mail.gatech.edu).

TKE Beta-Pi Board of Trustees Creates Scholarship Policy for the Chapter

Atlanta, Georgia, August 30, 2004 – At a recent Board meeting the Trustees of the Beta-Pi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity presented, discussed, and endorsed a scholarship policy for the undergraduate chapter. The policy is an attempt to address the Chapter's "dismal" academic performance last spring and chronic underachievement relative to the undergraduate male population at Georgia Tech.

A "carrot and stick" approach was taken. Members and candidates will be assigned to grade teams; the members of the team with the highest quality point total will win free rent the following term they are enrolled. Teams whose members collectively owe more than $100 on the final due date of the term will be disqualified as will any member with below a 2.4 term GPA. The first free rent will be awarded in spring 2005.

The "stick" will be phased in gradually beginning at the end of spring 2005. Housing privileges of members whose cumulative GPA is below 2.000 will be revoked. The GPA requirement will rise gradually until it reaches 2.200 in a few years.
This represents the first objective and substantial linking of scholastic performance with a privilege of membership in the Chapter's history.

The Chapter possesses considerable scholarship resources and routinely places an extraordinarily large number of members on the Dean's List. Nevertheless, the Chapter average remains low because of the number of members with averages at 1.700 and below. It is not the Board's intent to create a Chapter known for scholastic excellence (although that would be a good outcome). One board member commented, "It's not the guys with the 2.3's and 2.4's that are the problem. It's the guys with the 1.3's and the 1.4's."

The Board hopes that this combination of reward and punishment will create a set of incentives in the House that will lead members to change their individual behaviors to be more supportive of scholarship adequate to graduate from Georgia Tech.

For additional information, e-mail Mike Smith, chapadv "at" betapitke.org.

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