The Executive Committee

Installed April 2001 to serve until October 2001

TKE Title English Title Officer Scroll E-mail
Prytanis President Chris Timmons 1133
Epiprytanis Vice President Chris Penley 1119
Hypophetes Chaplain Griffin Fulmer 1195
Hegemon* Pledge Trainer Rob Ford 1157
Crysophylos Treasurer Thad Carroll 1112
Asst. Cryso** Guido Dana Stelk 1164
Pylortes Sargeant-at-arms Marcus Taylor 1170
Grammateus Secretary Kevin McLanahan 1154
Histor Historian Andrew Hagenbush 1208
Kitchen Steward   Brandon Melton 1179
Asst. Kitchen Steward**   Jay Gardner 1197
Social Chmn.   Gary Obenski 1128
Asst. Social Chmn.**   Michael Whaley 1184
Rush Chmn.*   John Sweet 1172

* Hegemon and Rush Chairman are elected to year long terms beginning in the Spring.

**Assistants rise to the full office with the election of the next Executive Committee, when new assistants are elected.

Other Officers

Appointed by the Executive Committee

IFC Rep Sam Riesenberg 1183
Homecoming Chmn.    
Greekweek Chmn.    
Athletic Chmn.    
Philanthropy Chmn.    
Fund Raising Chmn.    


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