Since 1948, working on the House has been a feature of life in TKE at Georgia Tech.  No fall would be complete unless it started with a complete overhaul of *something* on the property.  Here are some photos of the humbler side of maintaining our home away from home. 

digginBush.jpg (74275 bytes)

Planting bushes in the courtyard, part of the neverending battle to make something beautiful of that space that doesn't seem to lack for uses.

sprayPainting.jpg (87462 bytes)

Kevin Leung stains the ceiling of the bar by the volleyball court.  That deck was a project from the late 1990s.  The bench  is a great place from which to watch volleyball.

soddingCourtyard.jpg (86957 bytes)

Another view of the courtyard.   The building on the right is the Social Quarters.  On the left is the Dormitory.  The connecting corridor is straight ahead. 

soddingCourtyard2.jpg (79645 bytes)

Another view of the courtyard.   The Social Quarters is on the left.  The guy in the white shirt is standing on "New Thunder Alley", where brothers with motorcycles may park them.

dippinDrainage.jpg (64681 bytes)

Hugh "BZ" Lentile and Rob Phillips working on the drain in the courtyard. 

brickLayer.jpg (70685 bytes)

Mark "Mox" Manning laying brick in the planter in front of the handicapped ramp on the corner of 5th and Techwood.   Unfortunately, we will soon lose a few feet of this side of the property to sidewalk renovation by Tech. 

paintingLightBays.jpg (37239 bytes)

Painting the lighting bays in the Social Quarters.  Above his head is the balcony that overlooks the main eating/meeting/partying area of the House.  The lower level is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained. 

siftingSand.jpg (79473 bytes)

Bill Micklowski, Sean Sousa, and Cameron Moore sifting rocks out of the sand that's sloshed out of the volleyball court.    They have cleverly built a mechanism to help.   Benches there were built by Tekes.

siftingSand2.jpg (80836 bytes)

Another view of that excellent machine.  In the background is the volleyball court and the deck that wraps about halfway around it - much-used during all but winter in Atlanta. Kelvin Chow has joined the effort with Cameron. 

sweepingTheGreatHall.jpg (53964 bytes)

Sam "Carney" Wilkerson sweeping the Great Hall, which is being prepped for painting.  In the background you can see our own custom-painted TKE crest.  The windows on the right look out into the courtyard. 



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