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Simply put, we want all Tekes to graduate from Georgia Tech.

TKE places as many men as a percentage of membership on faculty honors and the dean's list as any fraternity on campus. Clearly, a lot of Tekes figure out how to make it work at Tech while having a great time as a member of TKE. The time-management and study skills one needs to develop to take full advantage of all Tech and TKE have to offer prepare one well for the demands of the larger world. 

To create high group GPAs, some organizations recruit only those that look like stellar scholars or they will kick out those who fail to get over some bar. That will eventually produce a chapter with a high GPA. However, that is not our way. Our mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development.

Our goal in scholarship is to have all members on good standing so that they are making
progress towards graduation and can represent the Chapter in any activities.

To that end:

  • We save copies of old tests and notes, known as Word. To make ours more accessible to members and to keep it from "disappearing", we scan most of it in and make it available electronically through our FTP server. Since we are a large chapter with many majors represented, we produce a lot of Word.

  • Each term, we create scholarship teams of members and candidates. For the members of the winning team there is a substantial award (free rent) for the next term, subject to a few restrictions. The Chapter also sponsors several smaller individual scholarship awards such as most improved. Ask any member about these.

  • We believe that everyone who is admitted to Tech has the academic ability to graduate if they will apply themselves. People flunk out because they make bad choices. Therefore, we include time management and study-skills seminars during candidate education and member development. TKE will not initiate a person unless he shows evidence as a candidate that he will make the choices that will enable him to stay at Tech since initiating someone who'll just flunk out eventually doesn't serve our interests or the candidate's.

  • The TKE House is a great place to live but it takes discipline to succeed at Tech and some members don't handle this well enough to stay on track to graduate so, although TKE will not drop a member from the roster for scholarship, housing privileges are linked to a minimum standard of performance. Losing housing privileges is not losing membership but it is a signal, impossible to ignore, that a person needs to make some changes and it means that, eventually, a person living in the House will be surrounded by people who are making the right choices regarding scholarship.

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