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The Best Place to Live on Campus

TKE Life is primarily a residential experience. Most members move in at the beginning of the sophomore year, as soon as they can get out of that auxilliary services pig-in-a-poke commonly known as the "Freshman Experiment". Members usually remain in the Chapter House until they graduate for reasons which become obvious soon after they move in.

The Facilities

TKE Beta-Pi's property includes four contiguous lots on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. The land is owned by the chapter's Board of Trustees. The Social Quarters sits on the Northwest corner of 5th Street and Techwood Drive, facing South on 5th. The dormitory sits to the North of the Social Quarters to which it is connected by a corridor on the East end of the property, running North-South along Techwood. The buildings and corridor thus form a U-shape open to the West. The Western end of the property contains a regulation volleyball court and a basketball quartercourt. The entire property slopes gently from East to West.

As well as being a place to live, work, and party, the House is also the center of much activity concerned with its maintenance and improvement, a feature of TKE life at Tech since 1948.

The Social Quarters (shown below after some recent landscaping of the beds in the front yard) contains a conference/study room,a billiards/darts room, a TV room, our kitchen, an apartment for the resident advisor, men's and women's bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a two-story great hall, which is used for dining, meeting, studying, and parties. This building was completed in 1994.

The Dormitory (pictured in the background of the photo at right) stands behind the Social Quarters and is connected to it by corridors on two stories. The House will hold sixty-seven people, most of them in the dormitory wing. There are some one-man rooms but most of the rooms sleep two.

This building was built in 1972, substantially modified in 1988, and renovated in 1995-1996 to house the Irish Olympic Team during the Centennial Summer Games in Atlanta. Yes, almost the entire Irish Olympic Team lived at the Teke House or spent some time there. (However, all the partying went on in Decatur and Buckhead.)

All rooms have heat and air-conditioning, cable TV, and two ethernet ports facilitating Internet connectivity through Georgia Tech's EastNet. Four washers and four dryers are located in the Social Quarters. Use is "free" for members.

Rooms in the dormitory are organized by floor and "corner", which each corner sharing one or two bathrooms. Corners are responsible for keeping their halls clear and bathrooms clean. The maintenance and improvement of our facilities is a tradition going back nearly 60 years at TKE and is also a social activity as brothers are always working on their rooms together or on the public spaces.

Safety and Security

All outside doors have punch-code locks. Combinations are changed roughly twice each term with notification to members via e-mail. Individual bedroom doors feature deadbolt locks. Because Georgia Tech is located in midtown Atlanta, theft is a real problem all over campus and all residents are advised to keep their bedroom doors locked when they are not present. No member may install a lock unless a copy of the key is given to the House Manager.

The House is fully sprinkled and alarmed. There are smoke detectors in each room, pull stations in each stairwell, and fire extinguishers located in the halls on each floor. During summer 2005, the old "lofts" will be torn out and replaced with new models built according to instructions from the fire marshall. Rooms will be inspected each term by an agent of the Board of Trustees to ensure that any new contruction complies with code. There are currently no restrictions on how members may decorate their rooms as long as they comply with code.

The Board of Trustees maintains insurance for the property of the Chapter and its Board. However, residents must provide their own insurance for their own belongings. This is usually obtained through the parents' homeowner's policy.

Assignment of Space

The housing list is redone late each term for the following term. If a vacancy occurs in a two-man room, the remaining occupant may pick his roommate from among members eligible for housing. If a room is totally vacant, members on good standing may claim the room in order of their housing priority, which depends on participation in work parties and number of terms lived in the house, among other things. It is common to move through several rooms during one's years in the TKE House before settling into one of the nicer rooms and remaining until graduation.

During the summer, members are moved into the fewest number of rooms possible and the rest of the House is rented to "outsiders", usually girls, which is generally a good thing. Who has to move depends on housing priority.

Recent alumni are sometimes allowed to live in the House while they get on their feet financially. However, undergraduate members have priority for housing and no alumnus may occupy a space needed to house a student.

Co-op students who work away are guaranteed the room they left when they return, except if they return during the summer, in which case they are guaranteed a space only. Members who are studying abroad may pay a fee to keep their rooms open for their eventual return.

The Bell Pole in the CourtyardAlcohol and Drugs

The TKE House is a "wet" house, that is, members are free to make, store, and drink their own alcohol on the property. This policy is followed to encourage upperclassmen who can drink alcohol legally to remain resident, one of the essential beneficial qualities of life in the TKE House.

On the other hand, storing or use of illegal drugs or illegal use of prescription drugs is prohibited on the property. Residents absolutely do not have the right to do anything they want "in the privacy of their own rooms."

Regarding underage and excessive drinking, members should not expect to conceal illegal conduct behind the "bonds of fraternity". Members and their guests must be prepared at all times to assume full, personal responsibility for their own actions regarding distribution and consumption of alcohol.

Members must sign a contract before joining in which they agree to hold TKE harmless for the consequences of their own actions. TKE does not act in loco parentis and the liability insurance for which all members must pay does not cover individuals or the Chapter if TKE risk management guidelines are violated.


Welcome to downtown Atlanta! Parking on campus is a problem because it is expensive and in short supply. In the long run, Georgia Tech is determined to become a pedestrian campus and parking will be moved to lots on the periphery. (For a bit of amusing reading, do some research on Tech's flipflop regarding Peters Park, then Peters Parking Deck, soon to be Peters Park again.)

There is some free parking on the TKE property beside the fire alley behind the Dormitory. Two spaces are reserved for the cook and the Resident Advisor and are fine-and-tow zones. The rest are first-come first-served for members on good standing only and, in the future, some of those may be allocated for special purposes by the Chapter or the Board of Trustees.

Therefore, parking should not be considered a major advantage of membership since you cannot count on any of the spots behind the House being open. Bottom line: If you plan to have a car at Tech, plan to buy a parking permit.

Resident Advisor

A Resident Advisor usually occupies the small three-room apartment in the Social Quarters. This person has specific duties related to maintenance and safety. He also acts as the agent of the Board of Trustees of the Chapter and is fully empowered to intervene to prevent any act that poses unacceptable risks or that may cause legal problems for members or for the Chapter or that represents abuse of the facilities or of Chapter property in his opinion. All residents and guests, including alumni of the Chapter, are expected to cooperate with the Resident Advisor.

Housing is a Privilege

TKE Housing is a privilege reserved to members on good standing, not a right associated with initiation. Inexpensive housing near Georgia Tech is difficult to find and our Chapter House occupies a prime location near the student bookstore, the College of Business, and the shops of mid-town Tech, on the one hand, and the rest of campus that lies west of the downtown connector (I75/I85) on the other.

A person who can't afford our reasonable rents and dues probably needs to rethink his entire school and housing arrangement. Members who are delinquent will not be allowed to continue to live in the House "while they get their act together." Instead they may be allowed to return"when they have their act together."

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