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Meals are the center of a lot of the social life of the Chapter and participation in the meal plan is mandatory for members who live in the Chapter House. Meals are taken in the Great Hall of the Chapter House (pictured at left.) Lunches are served Monday-Friday starting at 1100am. Dinners are served Monday-Thursday starting at 530pm.

Co-ops are required to sign up for dinners only and "savers" are prepared for those who can't make it back to the House in time to be seated.

Meals are prepared by a professional cook who works with the elected Kitchen Steward to create a menu that pleases the members within the limits of what we're willing to pay for meals.

All members are served the same meals. There is a salad bar with every dinner as well. Members with special needs based on health or religion may make arrangements with the cook.

The cook washes the lunch dishes. Members wash the dinner dishes and clean up the kitchen and Great Hall each night, usually in teams based on floors. Candidates are assigned to teams with members.

During the summer, the kitchen usually sponsors several cookouts on Friday nights.

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