Tekes Help Google Fight Spam & Fraud

John Nickerson & Oliver Barrett

Since early 2011, two Tekes from the Beta-Pi Chapter at Georgia Tech have been working at Google helping keep the Internet clean. Oliver Barrett (#1258) is a strategist with the Search Quality team and John Nickerson (#1251) is a support engineer with the Ad Traffic Quality team. Both work at the Mountain View headquarters in California.

As a strategist on the Search Quality team, Oliver’s primary focus is ensuring that search results are spam free and, above all else, useful for Google’s millions of users. His day to day work involves analyzing search trends for spam and abuse and developing solutions to help keep Google one step ahead of those trying to “game the system”. In addition he works on Webmaster Communications and as a part of that has been traveling around the U.S. helping small and medium businesses get online to increase their presence in the digital age.

John’s role on the Ad Traffic Quality team involves engineering tools and applications that help detect click fraud activity across the Google AdSense network. He spends most of his day working with analysts to identify areas of product abuse, and developing applications that Google uses to ensure their advertising partners are not affected by fraudulent activity. Additionally, John helps advise on AdSense policy to ensure they are properly communicated to the millions of Google users and that they are enforced .

Oliver and John have also been active in the Northern California Georgia Tech Alumni group, watching football games with other alumni at a local watering hole, The Blue Light, at the brutal hour of 9am local time.