TKE Tug of War

In the last half of the 1990s, the only force on campus that could stop TKE Beta-Pi was the Chapter itself.  With lots of members, good financial control, a new social quarters, a refurbished dormitory, and a hell-yeah attitude, the Tekes at Georgia Tech excelled. It was a time of tremendous energy, confidence and, not surprising, accomplishment and fun.

Nothing exemplifies the feel of those days better than the Chapter’s dominance at Greek Week Tug of War, here accurately depicted in its “We are going to take all of your rope” glory on the back of a t-shirt from the day.

TKE Tug of War - Don't Make Them Angry

Those are Pat Bartlett, Chadwick Smith and Brandon Melton displaying their angry faces at another hapless opponent during 2000 spring.

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